Freedom Will Reign

General Lies and Power; that was the headline for a news article written in 1939 prior to The United States involvement in the European conflict. It contents were as follows General Eisenhower is a man constantly at war with the facts. He believes that Nazi Germany is a direct threat to the United States. It is Japan that attached us not Nazi Germany. Most importantly, General Eisenhower will not admit what everyone knows: America is dead locked in a war with Japan if America reallocates her forces to fight Germany we will be in an unwinnable war on two fronts that are thousands of miles away. Even if America could win we would have to keep thousands of troops in Europe for decades. General Eisenhower has become General Lies and Power. Does this argument sound familiar? The left uses these exact same points to argue against our current war, the war on Terror. They say that countries like Iraq, Iran and Pakistan aren’t real threats. Barrack Hussein Obama actually said Iran is a tiny country and pose’s no threat compared to Russia, since the landmass of a country is the reason for its power or lack thereof. For those of you who need a history lesson Nazi Germany was a tiny country that may have appeared to not be a real threat. However they were a threat a serious one and had we not taken down the Iraqi government they would have been a very serious threat as well. Saddam Hussein had a huge body count on his hands just like Hitler. Saddam killed approximately three hundred and ten thousand of his country men in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Kurds and Shiites mostly, their only crime was having a slightly different belief structure and not bowing to Saddam. He used chemical weapons on his own people. Now the left pretends Saddam was not such a bad guy, he may have been an evil and repressive dictator but hey the Iraqi’s seemed happy, they didn’t speak out against him. They must love him, just as the majority of Germans loved Hitler. On October 3, 1938, Adolph Hitler’s armies marched into Sudetenland, a part of Czechoslovakia. Germany said it was responding to separatist demands from the large German population that lived there and that she was merely honoring their desire for reunion with Germany. Saddam made a similar move trying to expand his borders to include Kuwait; I’m beginning to see a pattern. The worst argument about the war on terror specifically Operation Iraqi Freedom is we are now locked in an unwinnable war on two fronts. This concept is laughable our Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corp is a truly unstoppable force if we needed them too or wanted them too we could effectively invade and control any country in the world. This may seem like an over confident statement but the shear size and strength of our standing army is a force uncheck able by any enemy. So to make a claim that we the United States of America can’t defeat two countries who are using military equipment from the 80’s and have a military made up of mostly untrained unorganized combatants is comical. We are the longest free standing democracy in the History of the world and any country that is not a democratic state is a direct threat to our democracy. It is easy for us to overlook and ignore the sickening inhuman acts of foreign leaders as long as they do not effect our lives but we cannot look past these things we must bring war to all those who oppress, and defend freedom no matter the cost. Freedom isn’t free an age old saying but it is as true today as ever. “Every good citizen makes his country’s honor his own, and cherishes it not only as precious but as sacred. He is willing to risk his life in its defense and it’s conscious that he gains protection while he gives it.” This a quotation from one of my favorite presidents Andrew Jackson it’s meaning is clear if you have freedoms you must fight to defend freedom no matter the cost to you or your country. Also to have faith in your country because as you fight for her others will fight for you and freedom will reign.

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