"Wife Wars" Shows the Embarrassing Media Coverage of Trump

The mainstream media is in the bag for Trump. It has been evident for months and cannot be denied. This incessant desire to shove all things Trump down our throats knows no limits. From their live coverage of every second of his rallies to their allowing him to phone into any show whenever he wants, cable news cannot get enough of Donald Trump. The Media’s Trump Show dominates the airwaves across all fronts, from the liberal nonsense that is MSNBC to the “right wing” Fox News. The guy has gotten more free media than virtually all of the other candidates combined. As intolerable as the 24/7 coverage is, I get it, these people are in the entertainment business, it’s all about ratings. What I cannot stand is how the media frames, overlooks facts and flat out lies to make Trump look like less of an uninformed, obnoxious jerk. For example, when Trump first announced his plan to ban all Muslims from the United States, he did not only include Muslims immigrants and Muslim visitors from abroad, he included Muslim American Citizens currently serving outside of the country in our very own military! Immediately and predictably, Trump apologists/supporters, including Sean Hannity, Andrea Tantaros, Eric Bolling, Judge Jeanine, rushed to his defense that he was only referring to Muslim immigrants and praised how smart he was to see the flaws in our system. The “journalists” I just referred to all unapologetically and unabashedly support Trump, Hannity seems to have one of his hour long Trump Specials every primary eve of the past month, and Judge Jeanine sounds more and more an Ann Coulter-like Trump fan girl every weekend (if you haven’t watched her monologues they are crazy, here’s one).

It is now March and Trump has been running since last summer, so we’re used to type of nonsense from the media in regards to Trump. However, the current spat going on between Trump and Cruz has been covered so dishonestly it is absolutely infuriating. It all started when the anti-Trump group, Stop Trump PAC, a PAC which is unaffiliated with any candidate, used a nude photo of Melania Trump from a GQ spread. Trump, not knowing at all how campaigns or Super PACs work, accused Cruz of the spreading the ad, threatening to “spill the beans” on Cruz’s wife, Heidi. Ted responded appropriately by defending Heidi from Trump’s disgusting attacks. Trump later responded by retweeting a supporter’s tweet that “a picture is worth 1000 words”, another low down attack on Heidi in a classless manner that embodies Trump so perfectly. Ted responds appropriately, both on twitter (also complimenting Melania) and by declaring on TV that Trump should “leave Heidi the hell alone”.

You would think that this story would be framed as the big bully Trump being the disgusting vulgarian he is, while Ted Cruz defends his wife strongly as any gentleman should. But does the Media cover it that way? Of course not. First, most in the media simply seemed to take Trump’s word that the Stop Trump PAC is affiliated with the Cruz campaign when simple research would show that it is a group which has not supported any campaign. The media then framed this as a battle between the two and lamented how low our political discourse has gotten that two leading candidates for the GOP nomination are arguing about their wives. It has been framed as if this is a back and forth battle of candidates insulting each other’s wives. The media has in effect been making a kind of moral equivalence between Trump and Cruz in this spat when, in reality, Ted Cruz has had nothing but great things to say about Trump’s wife and has simply defended his own wonderful wife, Heidi, from the down in the gutter attacks of Donald Trump. The media scoffs when people like Marco Rubio place blame on them for the current political climate and nastiness of this campaign season, but Rubio couldn’t be more correct on this point, and stories like “Wife Wars” shows exactly how far the media has sunk for Trump.