Pork Pie _ the American Funeral


            Ann Coulters’ column today, “Goodbye, America! It Was Fun While It Lasted”, found  here, says it all. She states rightly “…the “stimulus” bill will create an endless army of government bureaucrats aggressively intervening in our lives. Instead of digging ditches, American taxpayers will be digging our own graves.”


            I remember the election in November, and declared on posts and blogs that the election of Barack Obama would be the day that America died. And so it was… . I also wrote that the Republicans made the mistake of thinking that they had lost just another battle in the partisan war. They lost this battle, but it was the last battle in the war!


            The Republican party stumbled on, not knowing that the Republican brand had just been killed. Years of ad hominum attacks and and liberal legislative incrementalism achieved exactly what the liberals were after. Never mind that the American populace were “dumbed down” by a liberal – progressive educational system that in terms of the voting results shows their stupidity. THAT underscores the length of time that this incrementalism has been at work. Their goal has been achieved.


            The recent vote on the stimulus with 3 Republicans defecting should yield a backlash from Mr. Michael Steele. Conservatives (not Republicans) should call upon him to request the immediate ouster or resignation from the party for those three who defected.


            This brings us back to the last battle. It is time for the RNC to recognize that we must start a NEW war, entirely partisan, that will expose the Democratic agenda of moving toward total state control. Yes, I said total.


The “stimulus” is just another incremental step in this agenda, but it is more egregious and larger step that opens the door for the FINAL steps. Let this monstrosity pass and become law, the final step becomes easy and there will be no turning back. The Democrats will have secured a perpetual hold on power due to entitlements and programs that redisdtribute everything so that they have literally purchased the votes they need.


So, go ahead, watch the funeral!  As BHO signs this pork pie, think of shovels, but not those of the jobs he will ‘create’. These shovels are those of gravediggers, throwing dirt on the casket of what was once America…