This absolutely terrifies me

Apologies in advance — this is not much of a diary.  I haven’t written one in a while so I guess I’m a bit out of practice.  This is more of a rant.  I realize this is a bit of a breach of posting protocol, but sometimes you just need to vent.

While browing RCP I came across the following linked article by John Hayward at Human Events regarding ObamaCare.


The article itself is short and to the point, but it sets up the embedded video in which Senator Ron Johnson (R – WI) is questioning Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius about revised ObamaCare cost estimates that appeared in his recently proposed budget (that will never be passed, or course).

The payoff is in the first two minutes.  During that time span, while Senator Johnson questions her about cost, by my count, at least four times Secreatry Sebelius basically says she does not know or has no idea what the cost estimates / savings are (or were).  She either hems or haws or defers to Senator Johnson by saying she “assumes” his figures are correct.

How could you not know?  You are in front of the Appropriations subcommittee.  What did you think they were going to ask you?

And then it hit me.  Sebelius and Obama and many others in this administration literally do not care about cost and expense.   You can see it on her face that she is annoyed with the line of questioning.  You can almost hear the thoughts in her head (“Pish-posh.  Numbers schmumbers.”).

Until now, while I was always disturbed by the runaway freight train of spending we’ve witnessed by the administration, I still thought they actually believed some of their fairy tale rhetoric.  Whether it was that we could solve the deficit through additional taxation of the rich.  Or the federal coffers would be just fine once the economy recovered because we would get growth of 50% per quarter.  Or aliens would come down from space to buy our shiny new green technology giving us a financial boom like we’ve never seen.  Never going to happen, but I thought they at least believed it themselves (or at least sort of, because surely no one could think that we can sustain this spending pattern).

But now I see that they really don’t care.  Costs be damned.  We’ve got programs we’re going to implement.

Full disclosure  — I am an accountant and CPA (inactive), so this likely disturbs me more than most, but I am officially terrified, particularly when I consider what they might try to push in a second term with no worries about a re-election campagin.  Like all good liberals, they know they just have to get their foot in the door.  Once a program is entwined in the government fabric, it’s almost impossible to disentangle.