Open thread : How much did Obama administration unnecessarily cost the economy this week?

These will be soft numbers and impossible to prove…..but then, of course, so was Obama’s claim of creating or saving 150,000 jobs (looking forward to seeing that formula of how you compute saved jobs Barry).

I’ll start the bidding:

Cost of New York flyover/photo-op by Air Force One :   $328,835

Cost of lost productivity, disrupted business, emergency response, etc. caused by general panic due to New York flyover :  $50,000,000 (doesn’t include anticipated cost of investigation into why this happened since Obama is so furious about the incident)

The Biden effect.  Hit to transportation industry, hotels, tourism, etc. due to his comments telling us all to hunker down in bunkers due to the swine flu outbreak :  $25,000,000 and counting

In summary:

Flyover:                  $328,835

Flyover aftermath: $50,000,000

Biden:                    $25,000,000

Total tally:             $75,328,835