Musings on events from past several weeks

On Michael Steele’s election as RNC Chairman :  I like it.  Steele brings a lot of enthusiasm and energy to the position, which is something the GOP sorely needs.  He is also a nationally recognized figure thanks to his appearances on Fox and elsewhere.  He’ll know how to deal with and combat the media.  I had no beef with Duncan.  I think he just presided over a period that was unfavorable to Republicans.  However, the GOP needed a fresh start and a new voice at the top.  With a leadership void among Republicans right now, Steele becomes vitally important right away.  He’ll set the tone.  I’m already seeing snarky pieces out there saying he only got this because he’s African American in order to counter Obama.  I wonder if these same columnists and bloggers were praising Bush when he named the first African American Secretary of State, the first Hispanic Attorney General, and the first female African American Secretary of State?  Bush had the most diverse cabinet in history and I didn’t hear many accolades.  Good luck to you Mr. Steele.


On the stimulus package :  The more I read, the less I like.  Too much pork disguised as “government stimulus”.  My guess is that the Democratic majorities will overreach with their newfound power, and that will eventually lead to a Republican resurgence.  I just didn’t think it would come this early.  They are stuffing that thing with all sorts of social programs that have no ability to create jobs or improve the economy.  Studies on global warming and STDs?   Smoking prevention programs?  $6.2 billion for something called “home weatherization”?  You can argue about whether these are worthwhile programs, but I can’t see how they’re going to add any new jobs or stimulate the economy.  Fortunately the public is getting wise.  Support for the package is falling sharply.  Rove had it right the other day on O’Reilly.  Fastest way to stimulate economy is to cut payroll taxes.  People will see it in their paychecks within weeks and will see that with each and every paycheck thereafter, unlike a one-time rebate that they will likely save for a rainy day or use to pay down debt on purchases they already made.


On Al Gore testifying before Congress on global warming : The irony was too thick to ignore.  Gore testifying on global warming on a day when much of DC (and many parts of the country) were shut down due to cold and ice storms.  Al – there’s a reason they gave you the Nobel Prize for Peace and not Science.  Your science is lousy.


On Tim Geithner being named Treasury Secretary : so let’s see, in Geithner’s own words his tax mistakes were “careless, avoidable, and sloppy”.  And now you’re in one of the most economically influential positions in the government, with the IRS reporting to you to boot.  You’ve got to be kidding me.  If the guy was up for head of the EPA or the Dept of Education, I might cut him some slack, but the Treasury Secretary should know how to do his taxes (and that’s giving him the benefit of the doubt that he wasn’t purposely evading them).


On Caroline Kennedy dropping her name for consideration for NY Senate seat :  You know, I don’t care about Caroline Kennedy.  I think it’s good that she wasn’t named senator.  It smacked of too many things wrong in politics.  A political princess descends from her throne and declares that she would like this powerful position just given to her.  There was about a day of coverage speculating on why she dropped out.  Reasons were all over the place (tax issues, nanny problems, possibly an extramarital affair, etc).  After that it was all but dropped.  That’s probably how it should be, particularly if she’s going to return to her rather private life.  However, I do know this, if that was Sarah Palin, media would not have ignored the story.  That just reminds me of what a raw deal Sarah got from the media in the general election.  Imagine if the Democrats had put up a mother of five, with one of them being a Down’s syndrome child.  She would have been Mary to Obama’s Messiah.


On Obama’s order to close Gitmo within a year :  Don’t know what to do with the terrorists?  This job is not quite as easy as you made it sound on the campaign trail is it Barack?


On the Obama coronation inauguration coverage :  I can appreciate it was an historic event, but by that Tuesday I was in such sugar shock that I couldn’t watch any of the event itself.  Yeeeesh.