What McCain should do

Regarding the nasty stories being spread by McCain staffers, I think McCain could end this almost immediately.

Unlike others, I don’t think he should publicly address it. That just lends credence to the story. I think he should just do a private conference call with all the campaign insiders and offer them a one-time get out of jail free card.

Something along the lines of : “This stops now. You’re making me look bad. You’re making my choice of VP look bad. You are already damaging our prospects in the next election. I’m warning you, if I hear one more story I will find who spread it and you won’t be able to get a job on the campaign staff of a candidate running for City Council in Wasilla.”

In other news, Sarah is getting deluged with requests for interviews (Barbara Walters, Larry King, Oprah, etc). I think she should tell them all to go play in traffic.