MSM, stand up......

I’ve got to hand it to you MSM, you outdid yourself this week.

First we have Joe Biden warning of an international incident within 6 months of an Obama Presidency to test his mettle. Oh, and by the way, the country probably won’t like Obama’s response. Where was the shocked coverage of that one?

Later in the week, we have Drew Griffin of CNN interviewing Sarah Palin and grossly misquouting a story by Byron York of the National Review saying that York wrote “I can’t tell if Sarah Palin is incompetent, stupid, unqualified, corrupt or all of the above.” Actually, York was commenting on the media coverage of Palin and Griffin left out the key words which opened that quote. Full quote was “Watching press coverage of the Repblican candidate for vice president, it’s sometimes hard to decide whether Sarah Palin is incompetent, stupid, unqualified, corrupt or all of the above.”

The most amusing part of Griffin’s interview with Palin was when Palin asked Griffin who wrote that article, and he didn’t know. Apparently in his haste to find conservative commentary criticizing the Governor, he didn’t even take the time to note who wrote the article, much less actually read it. Or perhaps, his misquote was quite intentional.

This unfair ambush of Palin received little to no coverage. CNN itself has apologized to York, but has not apologized to Palin or the McCain campaign. The best it could offer was clipping that part of the interview from future viewings because they could reluctantly see how people might “misconstrue” that sequence.

Those are two whoppers. Yet what story did the MSM push this week? Sarah Palin’s wardrobe expense. Wow. Yet I’ve seen little criticism of the $2 million party that Obama is planning in Chicago on election night, which could be seen as both excessive and presumptuous (now in fairness, like the McCain campaign, he’s spending it out of his contributions, and if that’s how he wants to spend it, so be it).

Let’s take the Biden story. Imagine if Sarah Palin had said something like the following, “You’re darn right we all should be concerned about John McCain’s age. He might not last six months in office, so I’ve got to get ready to be President if that happens.”

First the press would have gotten down on its collective knees and given thanks for such manna from the heavens, and then they would have gone to town. Page 1, above the fold, across the country. McCain and Palin would have been responding to that between now and election day (and probably after). But, in Biden’s case, that’s just Joe being Joe.

Speaking of gifts, unfortunately, the press has gotten a couple more juicy steaks thrown in its lap. First we have this idiot 20-year old McCain volunteer claim she was beat up by an Obama supporter who carved a “B” in her face. That was a hoax, and I hope the police prosecute her to the fullest extent for wasting their time. The College Republicans have expelled her. If this had been an Obama supporter claiming as assault by McCain supporters that would be the end of the story. However, right now the MSM is desparately searching for a way to prove that this girl was not just a nut case acting on her own, but was instead acting on the behest of others within the campaign. If nothing else, this story plays into the false narrative that the MSM has been creating about “rage” at McCain rallies (like the debunked “kill him” claim). Funny, has the MSM been looking into this kid, David Kernell, that hacked Sarah Palin’s personal e-mail account? Isn’t he the son of a Democratic state representative? Personally, I think this kid just pulled a prank, but if that kid had hacked Obama’s e-mail and was the son of a Republican state representative, I doubt the story would have faded as quickly as it did.

Next we get John McCain’s brother, Joe, putting in a 911 call to complain about traffic and then hurling an expletive at the 911 operator. Thanks Joe. Your brother needed that. I’m sure MSM will have a good time talking about how apparently John’s legendary temper (which curiously has not been on display at any time in the campaign) runs in the family.

Kudos MSM. Well done.