Joe Biden's "potatoe" moment

So I just read an account of Joe Biden making another one of his classic gaffes.

To paraphrase, Biden said the following:

Biden : “Barack Obama knows what is important in this election, and its a 3-letter word — jobs. J – O – B – S.”

Now is this important with all the other issues swirling in this election? Of course not.

However, when Biden says this, it’s just “Joe being Joe” and it is roundly ignored and lightly reported.

If Palin says this, SNL is mocking it last night (in front of Palin herself to boot), adding to the Democratic mythos that she is an ignorant country bumpkin.

If McCain says this, we would be seeing condescending reports saying he had a “senior moment”, and this is more proof that he’s becoming more and more erratic. (why don’t they just call him a senile old man and be done with it?)

When Dan Qualye made a mistake while visiting a school spelling bee years ago in correcting a young boy to spell potato as “potatoe” he was mercilessly blasted for being an idiot and it still follows him around today.

Wonder why that is?

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