Obama Had to Fire McChrystal, Right?

Now that this story is about to enter its third day, the overwhelming response on talk radio and on TV from what I can tell and I haven’t been following it every second is that Obama did the right thing in firing General McChrystal. The media is going overboard in commending him for his selection of General Petraeus even though they and their Democrat allies in Congress treated him with utter disdain when he introduced his surge plan for turning the War in Iraq into a decisive victory for the US as well as George W Bush, a fact that was never acknowledged by the liberal establishment and never will be I suspect, although the White House buffoon in residence, Joe Biden, has not been shy about claiming it as a great victory for Obama.

In fact all this praise being heaped on Petraeus in light of their previous disgusting behavior like the General Betray Us article that greeted General Petraeus when he reported to Washington to brief Congress on the Surge Plan was making me nauseous yesterday as former Congressional critics like Nancy Pelosi and liberal media pundits were all reciting the same White House Talking Points as acknowledged on MSNBC while trying to keep a straight face.

In actuality I liked the portrayal the writer gave of McCrystal in the Rolling Stone Article which portrays a General with a common man touch who prefers hamburgers over fillet Mignon, beer over champagne, but above all doesn’t sweat the little things like most Generals and Admirals who made a career of impressing their bosses usually do,  and boy did he prove it. And maybe that is not proper behavior for a  a General but it sure is refreshing.

I spent 26 years in the Navy and because I was usually attached to the Admiral’s staff in my line of work I understand the importance of respecting the civilian leadership that all Military personnel come under through the chain of command. And though I was never privy to the kind of overt disrespect shown the Commander and Chief and other officials, as a Senior Chief Petty Officer, by Senior Staff Officers, I’m sure it could be heard in private conversations in rare moments of candor amongst themselves perhaps after a couple of drinks, but never in the presence of an outsider, particularly a member of the press from a publication that could be expected to be hostile to the Military.

So when the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mullens, says he was shocked and feeling physically ill after reading this article, I don’t think he was exaggerating as it was extraordinary to read about this type of unguarded behavior coming from a Four Star General and his staff running a war time command for crying out loud and not the local Army Recruiting office.

But having said that, maybe the actions of Obama and State Department officials should also be looked at closer, which so far is not being done at least not in the mainstream media from what I can tell.

Although I may still be in the minority, I really don’t believe this incident was  anything close to what General MacArthur was discussing publicly when he spoke of invading China during the Korean War in clear defiance of President Truman’s orders and long discussed policy during face to face meetings with MacArthur himself.

If Obama was a wise leader which he has proven over and over again recently that he clearly is not, he would have taken McChrystal to the Woodshed and forced him to make a humiliating public apology that would ring loud and clear the way Gen George S Patton was forced to after the infamous slapping incident in Sicily during World War II. And if they were really smart they might even have devised a plan of deception  by pretending that McChrystal had fallen in disfavor as a way of throwing a curve to the Taliban the way the Allies did when they recalled Patton to England and made an effort to convince Hitler through false radio messages about a phony troop buildup complete with cardboard airplanes that Patton was preparing to attack from Calais, which caught the Germans by surprise in Normandy.

But here I go again expecting that the President of the United States would have a better understanding of U.S. history than he does about the fifty seven states of the Islamic world which he probably had ingrained in his mind while living in Pakistan as an impressionable “all American” boy so he sometimes gets that confused with the number of U.S. States which of course is fifty, but hey…doesn’t everybody?

At least during World War II they didn’t let ruffled feelings and egos as a rule, get in the way of decision making until the War was over, when they finally did give Patton his walking papers after comparing the Nazis to the Republican Party and threatening to invade Russia (picky…picky). But that type of understanding and maturity would be a little too much to expect from this President while he is drowning in oil and horrendous approval ratings. So he really had no other choice but to say “Sorry McChrystal old boy, you’re out and Betray Us, I mean Petraeus is in. Now where are my golf shoes and those funny looking shorts that Michelle makes me wear”

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