It's time for Mass Voters to Take On Environmental Wacko Groups by Voting Barney Frank Out

It has been very interesting as well as sad to observe how the burden of  blame has been assigned to British Petroleum (BP) for the Gulf Oil Spill Disaster, as it should, without hardly any mention of the Environmental Community which pressured their allies in the Democrat Party to ban shallow water drilling and replaced it with a new policy of deep water drilling during the Clinton years. Certainly these environmental wacko groups had a large role in this disaster just as they have had in the systematic elimination of the New England Fishing Industry through government over-regulation by global warming loons and pseudo scientists like Jane Lubchenko of NOAA who have hijacked the Magnusson Stevens Act of 1976 and have turned it into something it was never intended to be ….a nightmare for New England Fishermen. And no one has waved his arms more and yelled louder in “apparent outrage” at the audacity of the environmental community than Congressional Democrats including  Barney Frank from the 4th District , despite the fact he is as responsible for their ascension to power as much as any sitting political leader.

In fact, recently Frank and his gang of enviro-statist allies in Congress including the powerful speaker of the House and leader of the environmental movement in Congress, Nancy Pelosi celebrated the anniversary of the Pelosi Amendment which gave unprecedented regulatory powers to the World Bank which is the same anti-American World Bank that also shut down   Georges Bank in large part to New England Fishermen many years ago. This tyrannical banking power grab was also given to regional multilateral development banks to review the potential environmental impacts of development projects for which they provide funding and to make environmental assessments. There can be no mistake about the look of happiness and ecstasy on Franks face in the photo shown with the article entitled NGO Community Celebrates 20th Anniversary of the Pelosi Amendment
As chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Congressman Frank is not only a powerful overseer of the financial industry but has become a powerful environmental regulator over the private sector, which is something the fishing industry might consider before they call him for assistance again in their fight against the tyranny being imposed by the environmental community which is joined at the hip with the Democrat party and that is a fact that you cannot deny, no matter how many “We love Barney” rallies the leaders of the New England Fishing Industry  instigate.

Now you can recite the entire history of Magnusson Stevens and tell me all about efforts Barney Frank has made to amend the legislation and his battles with the NOAA and the National Marine Fisheries Service, which would give the appearance that he has really fought for the industry, but he hasn’t once made the simple but potent argument as Earl Sholley, candidate for Congress from the 4th District has that you should let family Fishermen run their own businesses with only limited Government control, and of course that has no hope of ever happening under the present Democratic controlled Congress which is why it is imperative to vote Frank and the Democrats out of the next Congress because the Democrat party will never divorce themselves from the Environmental Wacko community and green groups. It’s time for a clean sweep of Congress and a fresh start for small businessmen everywhere by dumping the environmentalist wacko’s and their anti-capitlalist and development policies for good. The survival of the nation’s economy depends on it.

Even casual political observers understand Frank has made a reputation as a devout supporter of pro-environmental legislation, normally taking the opposite view of Republicans opposed to government intervention in the free market

Environmental groups like the League of Conservation Voters, Defenders of Wildlife, the Wilderness Coalition, and other pro environmental organizations have consistently given Barney Frank among the “highest” pro environmental vote ratings. And now that the Global Warming community has taken over the Environmental community there is a new type of tyrant like Jane Lubchenko, the former pseudo scientist and member of the board of Directors of the Environmental Defense Fund who has waged war against the capitalistic ventures of our fishermen under the guise of concern for fish stocks. It’s imperative that Republicans begin to support Sholley and others who are not afraid to speak openly against the environmental community and their anti-capitalist ventures during the up and coming elections and if they do they will find much support from Republican campaign contributers nation-wide now as well as from Massachusetts voters in the Fall elections.