Don't Cry Over Spilt Oil Mr President

It seems to me that there are two trends regarding the gulf oil spill that are presently vying for attention among the Cable TV political punditry. One is evolving from the right side of the spectrum and focuses on fixing the problem through good old fashion American ingenuity. As we watch scientifically minded problem solvers pour oil from a test tube into a glass tank and then scoop up all the oil with either hay or some new fibrous product, which leaves the water clear and glistening and reminds me of a show I used to watch in the 1950’s called Mr. Wizard, we’re left in awe of the conclusiveness of the results and wondering only if such a process could be duplicated on a much larger scale.

This spirit of entrepreneurship and “can do “ spirit which has made this country the economic power house it has become, at least until recently, apparently has escaped President Obama, who seems intent on employing a strategy of finger pointing and inciting the left to rail against capitalism. According to Van Jones, the self proclaimed communist and founder of the radical revolutionary group “STORM”, who’s handbook can be downloaded from Glen Beck’s website, “something happened last week”  when a new strategy of inciting the left to action was communicated by the President when he spoke of kicking “A”. If this was some type of coded signal for action as Beck contends apparently it was not lost on “Spike Lee” when he said it’s time to “go off”. Nor was it lost on Rosie O’Donnell who appeared to be foaming at the mouth when she spoke of seizing BP’s assets in a way that would make Stalin, Castro, and Mao proud.

If it’s true as Glen Beck implies that the left is preparing to mobilize in a way we haven’t seen since the 1960’s then the oil spill would only be a catalyst much like Vietnam was a call to action and revolution that never fully materialized although it did change the world from a culture based on Christian values to a godless culture based on liberalism and in fact paganism.

It would seem to me that such a call for waking up the “sleeping giant” or in this case the radical extremists ready to fight for their oppressed brothers, whatever the hell that means, would only come if Obama felt things were not looking chipper in the polls and primary results for the Democrat Party and their mission to maintain hold of the Congress and eventually the White House. I hope Beck and the purveyors of these type of thoughts are wrong, but how can I tell when we have a national media that is absolutely brain dead and clueless to what is going on around them. As far as they’re  concerned the radical revolutionaries belong to the Tea party and look a lot like grey haired grandmothers waving American flags rather that the Code Pink witches spelled with a “b” that showed up at just about every congressional hearing during the Bush years and can mobilize at the drop of a hat or from a single message from their esteemed leader like  “it’s time to kick “A”. I hope I’m wrong about this but we may find out very soon if the situation in the gulf doesn’t improve very quickly.

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