Mass 4th District Congressional Candidate Earl Sholley was born for the Tea Party Movement

With the Massachusetts Republican Primaries less than 100 days away, as I write this, I’m making it my mission in life, at least for the moment, to work towards selecting the candidate that I believe would be the wisest choice to replace Barney Frank, not only for the 4th Congressional District but for the sake of the entire nation. That person in my opinion is Earl Sholley who is one of the strongest conservatives I’ve ever met and is exactly the kind of “tea party candidate” that is needed to represent the state of Massachusetts during these troubling yet historical times.

The RINO’s (Republicans in Name Only) that run the Massachusetts Republican Party don’t like him because he is too conservative, so they have raised there own candidate, Sean Bielat, who claims he’s pro life, but refuses to make it part of his campaign and also supports the libertarian position of the legalization of marijuana, which is the same position that Frank holds.

At 62, this former successful small business owner is committed to bringing and end to the era of the professional politician promising to serve for no more than two terms. I’ve heard of no such commitment from his much younger challenger, Bielat of Brookline, MA. In fact some of us would actually like to see how Bielat does in a real debate on the issues rather than simply boasting about his ability to raise money as his main reason for running for office. But so far he has refused to debate Sholley

Sholley can discuss politics for as long as you can take it without ever losing his enthusiasm and grasp of the issues, but he listens to you also and is always trying to learn about matters that concern the district’s residents like the fight for lower taxes, illegal immigration, and the  deficit which may reach 14.5 trillion by 2015 according to the Drudge Report.

He ran unsuccessfully four times for the state Senate between 1996 and 2004. He also ran against Barney Frank for Congress two years ago but entered the race late and at best was a long shot against this long term Democrat Institution and national celebrity as well as someone viewed by conservatives as a grave national threat because of his extreme socialist agenda. Sholley got an early start this time around and has become a familiar figure in the South Coast region as well as throughout the entire District putting hundreds of miles on his truck every week just to have face to face conversations with the people who live in the district themselves, one person at a time. But in the tradition of Ronald Reagan who tried three times before he won the Republican nomination, Sholley has refused to give up his quest to put the people back in charge of their government again as the founding fathers intended.

The traditional Country club Republican in the North East is really a Moderate or Liberal Republican if you prefer and usually favor’s abortion rights which is the main reason they have no use for a Conservative like Earl Sholley who is not ashamed to admit he supports the Right to Life as a fundamental God given right which is not negotiable.

He has also been a crusader for father’s rights ever since the state interfered with his efforts to discipline his 14 year old daughter back in 1993 who he says had a genius IQ and was out of control by administering a spanking and the state in turn charged him with assault and battery if you can believe that which resulted in him spending 4 and ½ months in jail for refusing to enter a batterers program, which would be like admitting he was wrong. If you think that couldn’t happen to you I challenge you to try giving your kids a reasonable spanking if you live in Massachusetts and see what happens to you. According to a recent article in the Standard Times entitled Sholley fits party to a tea he also was acquitted of a 1994 charge involving his former wife (now deceased) and a restraining order. (Remember I said he was acquitted) And in 1996, he lost an appeal of a conviction for threatening to commit a crime during a protest in Quincy District Court when he said “watch yourself counsellor”. That was a crime? What if he was only warning her she was about to slip on a banana peel? Clearly this judge did not like Sholley. Anyway…

The unpleasant experience he had battling government officials back then makes him an ideal advocate for any constituency that is presently embroiled in a battle against there own government like the New England Fishing Industry which is being systematically eliminated by government over regulation. The excessively intrusive measures are being spear headed by environmental groups and their legions of lawyers  like the National Marine Fisheries Service with their 4000 employees which is exactly the type of government intrusion Sholley has spent most of his life fighting.

In a recent campaign advertisement Earl was quoted as saying “Government is what the People and Constitution say it is – of the People, by the People, and for the People. It has become a legal Aristocracy of Lawyers, by Lawyers and Judges, and for Lawyers. Large intrusive government is more problem than solution. The proper role is to maintain security and protect equal rights. The best government is the least intrusive and least harmful”. And to that I say “Amen”. And to Sean Bielat I say…”Come out…come out …wherever you are and debate Earl Sholley on the issues so that the People can make the most informed decision possible before they vote in the September 14, 2010 Republican primaries.

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