Getting lectured on financial reform and risk taking by socialists

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Down here on the Massachusetts South Coast and in the 4th Congressional District I’m a little tired of getting lectured on the subject of “financial reform” and “risk taking” by socialists. I mean when was the last time either President Obama or Barney Frank ran their own business like the strongest Conservative candidate running against Barney Frank, Earl Sholley and the hundreds of Fishing Boat owners in the largest city of the District, New Bedford, MA have. And when was the last time they risked their own capital like Earl Sholley and these same Fishing Boat employers have, yet they continue to vote for him and support him even though he knows nothing about the courage it takes to do what they do, simply because he is a Democrat with a big mouth who goes through the motions and pretends like he’s fighting for them in public when it was the government and environmental community, that completely destroyed their industry during his thirty year reign.

And if we’re going to be discussing the subject of risk all you have to do is read Obama’s speech to the Wall street and Investor community on Friday and you’ll see that Obama clearly doesn’t understand the importance that risk plays in the establishment of successful enterprises, the invention of products and services and the efficiency of markets. And he also made it clear that he had no business criticizing the amount that is paid to CEOs in the form of salary and bonus compensation for executives who’s companies have paid the Tarp money back as they have. Did you get that? They’ve paid the money back. (Remember I’m talking about Wall St firms not General Motors here)

And it is none of Barney Frank’s business what they make either if any more banking executives should come before his committee in the future. On Earl Sholley’s Face Book page he makes it clear that he thinks Barney should clean his own house first based on a report that Frank was under investigation by Judicial Watch for contacting a bank in his district that received Tarp money to give money to a bank where the husband of fellow committee member Maxine Waters is on the Board of Directors. http://www.judicialwatch.org/news/2010/mar/treasury-emails-suggest-rep-barney-frank-called-former-treasury-secretary-paulson-obta

On the subject of good guys vs bad guys….we find the Obama regime and their flunkies in the Congress and the mainstream media working hard to portray Wall Street Executives and the Republicans as the bad guys, and these Democrat shysters like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd as the “good guys” when it comes to the subject of “Financial Reform”. Reform by the way is the new Socialist code-word for government takeover of a particular segment of the economy or society. It seems that Up is down and Down is Up these days. God help us.

Tom Wholley

New Bedford, MA