To all the liberals..wishing you a 4 year term of 'hell in a cell'

Hi every one, I am talking to you,expecially , the elite,far left,socialists. Those who are against, God, gun,religion. Those who oppose the traditional family,right to life…You all were waiting from the year 2000-2008 for this to happen. By the way, I am not against any of your personal rights of freedom of any of your believes.

If any of you think, I am saying because my party may be lost this time or I am afraid to talk about it. Even though I may not agree with 99% of your views, I respect you as a person. Regardless of this time election setback, my faith, belief and love of this great nation and its great fundamentals never ever going to change.

I will assure you, my party will be coming within short time with more force and focused. My party will be going back to its fundamental roots. My party will be embracing the Lincoln, Reagan principles to discredit the rule of bipartisanship and cross party hand shakes and photo ups. Then you will see the new breed of the republican party. jt