My fellow Americans,

Vote McCain to fight Communism and Terrorism. First we need a safe place to live. We had no major terrorist attacks since 2001 because of the great job done by President Bush. I don’t care what people say about him, but my family was safe under his term. Please do not vote for Democrats who are keep increasing taxes in Illinois for everything, especially in Cook County. Our tax rate is one of the highest in the country. We don’t want the Democrats to keep increasing welfare to people who are in good health but too lazy to work. I came to USA in 1995 with $40 and now I own a home, cars, and a business. If a foreigner can do this, people who born here can do much better!

Look at south side of Chicago. Very healthy people are just walking around doing nothing all day but have food stamp cards with them. Democrats think they are doing a favor to them by giving more and more welfare but actually they are ruining these young people. Socialism won’t work. It never worked back home. As you know the two states that run by Communist governments in India are in big trouble. They talk same as Obama!!. “Spread the wealth”!!.

What happened to TATA NANO factory in Bengal(INDIA)? Kerala is in big mess because of the socialist government. Remember those people who were against bringing computer technologies in India because they feared people were going to loose jobs. India actually boomed because of the computers. I still remember the days they were screaming against computers. Now they all carry laptops! I was a Democrat up until the word “socialism”& “spread the wealth” came from them.

The only way to make money is hard work, not welfare. Many young generations in USA don’t know the bad side effects of socialism.They are excited about Obama’s socialism. They don’t know what socialism means. For an example, it means if you have two cars, Obama will take one car from you and give to a person who doesn’t have a car. This is socialism.

You might not see the exact example right away but will surely see it in the future, if Obama start opening more welfare agencies around the country. Because more people go to welfare under his term since he is encouraging people to go welfare by increasing the dollar amount. I even thought of getting a food stamp card (just kidding) So vote for McCain/Palin and save this country.( A Fwd Message)- jt