A servant and a leader

Sen. McCain’s family is serving this nation in its fourth generation as a humble proud family. This is the time to honor this great military family. As a man of character and integrity, most of the time he even opposed his party for the good of this country by believing what he thought was right. A person who never gave up, never surrendered even in enemy camp, always waited for his turn to be fair to others even if he disagreed with them. A man with extreme pride for this country, who picked Gov. Palin, a lady who shares his views and vision for this nation from an important state, Alaska that is blessed with natural resources.

My fellow Americans, give this honorable servant a chance to lead this nation, to show all the world that America never forgets the man who put his life and everything to defend this nation in good and bad times. Encourage and energize all your friends and family to elect the MCCAIN/PALIN ticket of reform, leadership and trust. jt

             MCCAIN/PALIN 2008            ***THE MAVERICKS***