Who's to blame?

If there a point comes to blame game, I would blame the Mccain advisers. They are the ones who did all the fighting to fight the serious candidates to throw out of the race. Now they are facing an uphill battle against the elite Lefts. Not only that,they starts to blame Gov.Palin for the current poll numbers,even though they are not accurate, makes the people uneasy about the election and its outcome.

I can’t think about these peoples bipartisanship views. If this is the case you can get out the bipartisanship, why is the Mccain group whining about Gov.Palin?

Let me tell you something,if anybody thinks there is no more Reaganism and even some famous writers write about and blame Gov.Palin,wait after this election.There is a new wave of conservatism and its products are on the way. Watch out,its going to be more powerful than Reaganism,authentic and fruitful!!

As I always do,I welcomes constructive comments and rejects the leftists socialists scare tactics, jt

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