The So-Called "Conservative" Feminists

It’s completely absurd that all these so-called “conservative” feminists are attacking Gov. Palin (ex: Peggy Noonan and Kathleen Parker). Kathleen Parker suggested that John McCain only picked Palin because of her looks. How ridiculous!

These people who attack Palin haven’t even met her. They only attack her because she is a republican and because she doesn’t meet their liberal views. John McCain was wise to pick her because of her exceptional term as Governor of Alaska. She had an eighty percent approval rating as governor. That is the highest approval rating in all of American history since Ronald Reagan.

Gov. Palin has shown us that she is a true reformer. She stood up to the liberals and even to republicans. Then why do people criticize her constantly (especially those who are supposed to support her)? They dislike her for no specific reason. People say she doesn’t have experience because she was governor of only a couple thousand Alaskans. But actually, she has more experience than Barack Obama himself! The media continues to support Obama regardless of his past connections with Ayers, Rev. Wright, and Rezco. And yet, they pick apart Gov. Palin and toss her around like a ragdoll.

I am impressed that Gov. Palin has stood up to all these attacks. I can tell that she is tougher than Obama when he was *very briefly * attacked.

In conclusion, who will you vote for? Will you refuse to vote for McCain/Palin just because of the idiotic attacks by the liberal media and the conservative feminists? Or will you see her for who she really is? Whatsoever, I encourage everyone to vote on November 4.-jt

                      MCCAIN/PALIN 2008                       **THE MAVERICKS**
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