What happens when we elect the colleague of terrorists to the white house?

What happens when we elect the colleague of terrorists to the White House?

Will the terrorists get a night in the Lincoln Bedroom?

Let’s never find out.

Dear Fellow American:

We live in a world where terrorists want to destroy us. Therefore, how can YOU, with a clear conscience, elect a President with close, documented ties to a terrorist?

The future of this country will be decided in less than twenty days and YOUR choice is a friend of a known terrorist or a true patriot. In whom do you put your trust to keep your family safe from foreign and domestic terrorists?

An Obama Presidency will change your life forever — and not for the better. That’s why we have committed over a million dollars to protect you and your family from an Obama Presidency.

Will you please help us share this important message with millions of Americans who deserve to know the truth about an Obama Presidency? Please Contribute $50, $100, $500 or $1,000 to ensure that our 60-second commercial is seen by millions of uninformed voters.


“Trust” will show these voters that in 1995, Barack Hussein Obama partnered with known terrorist William Ayers. Ayers is a man who bombed the Pentagon and then said he didn’t do enough.

Our message is so important that Bill O’Reilly recently introduced “Never Find Out” as a news item on The O’Reilly Factor. Pollster Frank Luntz then turned to Bill and said, “Let Freedom Ring hit a home run” with this ad. Now, we want to share it with millions of Americans on radio and national cable in addition to the already-bought broadcast television in the battleground states of Colorado, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Obama has often said that Ayers was “just a guy in your neighborhood”, but The Wall Street Journal tells us that Obama and William Ayers worked as a team on a $100 million radical education project. And they must be right, because when Obama decided to run for the Senate, he announced his candidacy at home of William Ayers!

Obama also collaborated with Bernadette Dorhn, a woman who was responsible for the death of two police officers and two armored truck guards.

How can we trust Senator Obama to be President of the United States? His judgment should be called into question by EVERY American.

Just this year Obama said, Americans, “when they get bitter, cling to guns or religion…”

Is that how you want to be perceived by YOUR President?

For twenty years, Barack Obama sat in the pews of a Chicago church led by Reverend Jeremiah Wright who said, “the Government gives them the drugs, then builds bigger prisons then sings God Bless America.”No, No, No, not “God Bless America”, “God damn America.”

Ask yourself this question:

If this is the type of rhetoric that Obama heard every Sunday for most of his adult life, can you imagine what the outcome will be on the morning after Inauguration Day?

Don’t let that happen. Please, America, let’s never find out what damage an Obama presidency could do to all that we treasure about America.

A fwd message from gopusa.com, posted by jt

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