Why you need to be concerned

What is your concern and what should it be in this election and also in 2012? And how will it transpire in this time of election? These are my main concerns. These are serious matters which he/she should have a good track record to run on to convince the electorate to get their backing to get elected.

In order to transpire your concern into action you should be optimistic. As a conservative, it will help you to work hard to achieve the goal. We are all living in a world with many mythical feelings. Let me place a few concerns as I see this election unfold to be what it shouldn’t be.

Accountability: This is serious business. The elected official is to be accountable to the people who elected them and who the official represents. The candidate should show their track record to the people of this nation before they ask us to give them more power and influence.

Abortion: This is one of the main subjects which divides our nation into two. We should be projecting a candidate for 2012 right after this election. It doesn’t matter if we win or lose. The candidate should be vetted in all prospects. The candidates’ views on this matter of the abortion issue should be vetted thoroughly. All life should be counted as sacred and worthwhile. Children of special needs should have a voice to be heard right.

Appointments: This should be the other main issue on which the new candidate should have a say on the view of the judge’s appointments. The candidate should show the track record to prove what they say or what they have done in the past for the constituents. Track records should be scrutinized vigorously.

Bailouts: The main issue in this election seems to be the economy. Bailouts to larger corporations should be prevented. In order to do that, the candidate should have a track record on economy management. Regardless of the economic stand of the time, as a leading capitalist society in the world, the candidate should have the track record of things being done on the main front of blocking pork barrel spending. Taxing the rich more doesn’t solve the real problem. Those who whine about the rich should understand that it is because of the rich you and I have a job today to meet our family needs.

Connections: The connections and contacts of a person shows his character. A duck that walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck is a duck. You can call it a spring chicken. Regarding the contacts of Sen. Barack Hussein Obama: All his contacts are known. His connection with Ayers the terrorist, Rev. Wright, who preached hate towards this nation in the pulpit, Rezco, the slum lord who contributed his campaign, plus many other connections like Father Flager, a hate preacher, Farrakhan, who always preaches anti-Semitism and waits for the Islamic takeover of this nation. If he is going to be elected, it is all going to matter.

Character: The character of a person should be significant. Character is more important than experience. It doesn’t mean he/she should be looking at all things only through the religious prism. The (D) guy ran in Florida as a congressman to replace ® Congressman Folly and ran on a campaign against the immorality (whatever the guy did or revealed). Look at the hypocrisy of the Left. Mahoney is now facing the investigation on which he ran against two years ago. The Left won the last time regardless of who the candidate was. He was worse than the one whom he replaced.

Defending our nation: The security of our nation is vital regardless of the election season. How to defend ourselves in this world has a far-reaching impact in our standing among world governments. The person who runs for the highest office in our government and also as the world leader should have a clear cut idea on how to defend our nation. We can’t sit with the terrorist regimes and play the nice guy in the neighborhood like former Pres. Clinton who let Bin Laden go on several occasions before 9/11 occurred. His explanation was that there is not enough evidence to get him and look what happened. – jt

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