The United Methodist Church Wants an Obamacare "Fix" for Themselves

As a member of a United Methodist congregation, I take a special interest in what the elites of the church are up to. In the past, I have been really critical of their policies and beliefs. So once again, I am must call out more nonsense coming from the UMC.

Remember when Nancy Pelosi made the infamous statement that “we must pass the bill so you can find out what is in it?” Apparently, the United Methodist Church was a part of the whole “let’s pass Obamacare and figure it all out later” crowd. Unfortunately for them, it might wind up costing them….

When Obamacare became law, the church elites were joyous. The president of the of the Council of Bishops, Gregory Palmer “rejoiced” when Obamacare passed. Jim Winkler, the radical left-wing chief executive of the United Methodist Board of Church and Society, had this to say:

“For decades, the General Board of Church and Society has worked alongside thousands of United Methodists to achieve health care for all in the U.S.,”………”This vote brings us closer to that reality.”

Heck even Nancy Pelosi had the entire UMC Board of Church and Society listed on her website as a group supporting the healthcare overhaul.Well, that was then. This is now. In an article posted on the UMC’s website on September 24th, the UMC now wants an Obamacare “fix” for them:

The United Methodist health benefits agency wants Congress to pass a fix to the U.S. health care legislation commonly called Obamacare.

Without that, leaders of the United Methodist Board of Pension and Health Benefits warn, the future of church-sponsored health insurance could be in jeopardy.
That means — if the bill becomes law [The Church Health Plan Act, Senate Bill 1164] — clergy and lay church employees could qualify for the same federal financial help available in the marketplaces while remaining on their church plans.

Secondly, the bill would let local churches that contribute to their conference’s health plan keep getting the small-business health care tax credit.

Under the current Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, churches no longer can claim those credits, starting in 2014, because such credits only are available to employers who purchase “qualified health plans.”

Church health plans, even if they meet all the law’s other requirements, currently are not deemed “qualified” because they are not open to the general public.

I’ll be honest. It is really, really, hard for me to feel sorry for these people. The UMC made its bed. Let it lay in it.

It was so important to pass Obamacare. It just had to be done and it had to be done fast. No one knew what was in it. No one knew what all implications there would be. Not a single person knew. Not Obama, not Harry Reid, not Nancy Pelosi, not any of the idiots who voted for it, not Jim Winkler and not Gregory Palmer.

Yet, they were so happy! And now look at what is happening. The very law that they “rejoiced” when passed is getting ready to screw them. So what do they do? Yell and scream and demand that it be “fixed” for them. What about the rest of us? What about all the people that will lose their insurance? What about all the people who is having their hours cut? Is the UMC standing up for these people? No, no and no.

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