You Can't Eat the Constitution

Throughout Obama’s one term in office, many comparisons have been made between him and other U.S. Presidents. Some say he is like Ronald Reagan (haha). Others claim he is Jimmy Carter, Jr. He is even compared to George W. Bush by liberal critics of his.

The most accurate comparison has got to be between Obama and another spendthrift president: Franklin Roosevelt. Consider the following two passages that were written in 1948 about the presidential election of 1936:

“Their [Republican Party] chief reliance was upon the charge that the President [Roosevelt] had usurped the powers of Congress, attacked the integrity of the courts, invaded the constitutional prerogatives of the states, attempted to substitute regulated monopoly for free enterprise, forced through Congress unconstitutional laws, filled a vast array of bureaus with swarms of bureaucrats to harass the people and breed fear in commerce and industry, discouraged new enterprises and thus prolonged the depression, had used relief [government payments] to corrupt and intimidate the voters and made appeals to class prejudice to inflame the masses and create dangerous divisions.”

-The Roosevelt Myth, pg 87,  John Flynn

This reads like it could have been written today about Barack Obama and the Democrats doesn’t it? This is the Democrats’ history. It is who they are; they are big government, Marxist class warriors.  They don’t care about the Constitution, separation of powers, free markets or private sector job growth. They never have.

The similarities do not end here.  Their political strategy has been the same for decades as well.

“When Alf Landon talked about Roosevelt’s invasions of the Constitution, the man on relief and the farmer fingering his subsidy check replied ‘You can’t eat the Constitution.'”

Translation: Who cares about the constitutionality of our lifeline? Democrats get people hooked on government as a means of getting votes. Does the phrase “Republicans want to take away Medicare” ring a bell? It’s the same argument. They want people dependent on government. Period.

The 2012 election is shaping up to be a repeat of the 1936 election. We have an incumbent president who believes that more government is the answer to government-caused failures. This philosophy won in 1936. It won’t in 2012.

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