Joe Biden Is On To Something...

Vice President Joe “jobs is a three letter word” Biden recently spoke to the Teamsters. The Great Uniter’s VP had some harsh words from them. Apparently, if they vote for Republicans, they are “on their own.” Got that Teamsters? Vote Republican and you can’t count on ole Joey Biden to help. However, I don’t really think that Biden has anything to worry about on that front.

Biden wasn’t finished there. He then took a shot at the GOP when he said that the GOP’s logo should be the rear end of a horse. Such civility, huh?

After I thought about his comment for a moment, I came to the conclusion that he is right. The GOP’s logo should be a horse’s rear end. So, I took the liberty of creating the new and improved logo myself. I would now like to present it to you for the first time.

Without further ado, the new GOP logo complete with a horse’s rear: