Politics and Friendship: Things I've Learned "Paul Revereing"


For the majority of my life I have been a quiet, shy, and reserved person. I was never one to rock-the-boat or to start up conversations about controversial issues. I liked politics but it never seemed like a good fit for me. I was too deep in my shell.

I became a conservative during my last semester of high school. After high school I went to college and my shell went with me. However, during this time, my shell started to crack.

When I was a freshman, I had a very liberal roommate who was all about Bush-conservative-Republican-bashing. I defended conservatism to the best of my ability but my ability wasn’t that great. I was a neophyte when it came to debating politics and conservative philosophy. I would get flustered and my arguments would suffer. Often times I would forget vital points and information that would have strengthened my case only to remember them after the argument was over.

Fast forward to the summer of 2010.

I was given the opportunity to intern for a Congressional campaign in my county. When I found out I would be calling people on the phone and knocking on doors I panicked. I didn’t think I could do it. It just wasn’t me. I really wanted to be a part of the campaign so I sucked it up and did it. After I got passed the first few slammed doors and the first few cussings on the phone it got easier. With each phone call and each door knocked my shell cracked a little. By the end of the summer, it was almost gone.

I thought it would be important to give this background now that I am getting to the point of this post.

The country is being spent into oblivion. The future of my children and grand children are at stake and the big spending Democratic party could not care less. I have to act. Whatever shell I am still in must be broken through. It’s no longer a matter of how I feel or if I’m comfortable. It’s a matter of freedom and liberty. However, my coming out of my shell might have some negative aspects…


Mark Levin tells us to be “Paul and Paulette Reveres” by alerting and informing our friends and family about what is going on in this country. It is by doing this that the negative aspects of my breaking through my shell appear. I have discovered something during my “Paul Revering;” I am having a hard time remaining friends and being pleasant to people who refuse to recognize the danger that the Democratic Party presents. How am I supposed to remain friends with people who refuse to acknowledge and debate facts, repeat Democrat platitudes, and who next year will vote for Obama and every Democrat on the ballot? How do you remain friends with someone who continues to vote and support some of the most destructive politicians this country has ever known? How do you balance being friends with people like this with your belief that their votes adversely affect you and the country?


Several things became apparent while I was “Paul Revering.” These things I have heard before but never experienced first hand and I sure all of you probably have dealt with as well. First, Democrats can not, and I repeat, can NOT debate anything regarding Barack Obama’s record as President without mentioning George Bush. Second, when confronted with an issue they can’t debate, they change the subject. Consider a conversation I recently had. I questioned a Democrat on Obama’s recent comments on Israel. Mr. Democrat’s response? “Oh yeah well, Democrats support the working man.” That was it. Lastly, and this relates to the second point, Democrats like to speak in broad generalities but fail miserably once you try to dig deeper and get specific. Again back to Mr. Democrat. I asked him specifically which policies Democrats support that help the “working man.” He responded that “times are better when Democrats are in office.” I pressed further by asking what specific policies that Democrats support makes “times better.” Mr. Democrat replied that he “doesn’t follow policy.” At least he was honest.