Obama's Stimulus Destroyed/Forestalled 1 Million Jobs

Have you heard how many jobs Obama’s Stimulus has created? Well, according to Ohio State University economists  Timothy Conley and Bill Dupor, it has created/saved 450,000! No joke! Wow…I guess we were wrong all along! Oh… wait… those jobs weren’t private sector jobs; they were government jobs. These jobs were saved because the stimulus money was used to “offset state revenue shortfalls.”

So what about private sector jobs? How many has the stimulus added? Get ready…1 million jobs! Well, actually that’s -1 million jobs. You see, according to the study, the stimulus actually destroyed/forestalled 1 million private sector jobs.

Even with this study, the liberals will still tout the stimulus as this wonderful job creating program. I’m sure it will be used in 2012 to show how Obama pulled us from the brink of a depression and saved the economy. Not surprisingly they will be able to get away with it.

Instead of the President calling this a “shovel-ready” stimulus (which he later said wasn’t true), he should have called it what it really was: a pencil ready stimulus. Say…I wonder whatever happened to all those “ready” shovels? We need to go out and find all them and pass them around. Whenever talk of the stimulus comes up, it’s bound to start getting a little deep.