Is it just me or is Sequestration going really well?

Politicians always scream bloody murder if they have to cut one cent from their AUTOMATICALLY increased budgets every year (thanks baseline budgeting). Even Republicans do. It is my thought that you could have even larger cuts and our gov’t would function just fine. Across the board I think is completely fine. The only way to make a department find the “waste, fraud and abuse” is there throw them into the fire and have them figure it out (if you can call 2% thrown into the fire). All of a sudden I think you will find departments finding money where they thought they had none, imagine that!

I think Obama looks terrible right now. Even SNL is mocking him. The best thing that can happen for conservatives/small govt types is for the Sequestration to go on for the rest of the year without any sort of noticeable affect (maybe except around the margins).

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