Stop listening to Trump! He is a Sideshow!

The reason why conservative candidates pander to Trump is that they believe the conservative base really likes him and listens to what he has to say. You are all getting played.

If the masses want to follow Palin and hold her up as a thought leader, fine. She was a governor and a VP candidate, she is actually conservative. I am not in the Palin fan club but at least it makes sense.

Trump is NOT EVEN CONSERVATIVE. The same people that criticize Romney for being a RINO should take a look at Trump’s history, Trump makes Romney look like Rick Santorum as far as conservative purity goes.

Not only is Trump NOT A CONSERVATIVE he is a SIDESHOW and will have people laughing at the Republican party. The whole birther stuff was a sideshow. His whole fake run is a sideshow. He is very good at attacking Obama, that is fine. He can do that all day long I don’t care. But to have him associated with the Republican party is ridiculous. He should not be moderating debates and candidates should NOT be humping his leg for an endorsement. This makes me crazy.

Do we want the opening of the Today show the next morning after the debate having smarmy Trump squinting at the camera and saying “You’re Fired!”? People will think Republicans are a total joke and unserious.