Top 10 Reasons O Admin is going to keep 9-11 Truther Jones

Since the Obama administration seems to be digging in its heels and not immediately ditching 9-11 Truther Van Jones, the “Green” Czar, I did some investigating to try to determine the top 10 reasons why they want Jones to remain on the White House payroll.

To wit…

10. Already had plans to feature him in his speech to the ObamaYouth on Tuesday as another example of a black man who has made it in a white, racist country.

9. Makes Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid look moderate by comparison.

8. There’s a Green Czar? Obama missed him during introduction to other 36 unelected and unconfirmed Czars

7. Bill Ayers is not available to replace him (busy on his book tour)

6. Obama can no sooner disown Jones as his own racist white grandmother (oops, used that one already for another racist pal)

5. Joe Biden really enjoys Van’s raps

4. Test the MSM to see how much crap he can get into and count on them to get him out of it

3. Intends to count this as one of the jobs the stimulus package “saved”

2. Professional Courtesy – Sets precedent for 2012, so Sarah Palin admin can employ Birthers without too much scrutiny.

1. Obama agrees with Jones.