Chambliss vs. Martin

This election season, because Barack’s got more money than God, and because of a “righteous wind at their back” here in Georgia, we are getting to see ads this season like never before.

I haven’t seen too many Obama ads, but I saw the first one tonight. The blatant dishonesty and misrepresentations in this ad make me wish someone would just use that race card, if it’s so damn effective (it must be, as scared of it as they are).

But, it’s not really Barack’s ads that have me angry. There’s enough truth in those to make them acceptable, and we’re doing it to him, too. No, what really makes me mad are the ads the Dems are running for their Senate candidate, the completely empty (and probably plaid) suited Jim Martin. Most of these are DSCC ads, and they are blatantly false, for example, accusing Saxby Chambliss of wanting to add a 23% sales tax to everyone’s taxes. This is a misrepresentation of Chambliss’s support of the Fair Tax (which would replace the income tax). Of course, Chambliss may learn that no good deed goes unpunished, like his participation in the energy gang of 10, or his vote for the bailout, which he is also being battered about.

As I argued at the time, the GOP should have called Reid/Pelosi/Obama’s bluff, and made the Dems pass the bailout without a single GOP vote (I expect the RINO’s could have safely supported it, but no red state rep should have been asked to vote for this monstrosity) then we would be bashing them about the hands and face with it.

Finally, if Chambliss is defeated,or barely survives, red state congressmen need to understand that they play with Democrats at their own risk. I hate to be the bearer of bad news to these idiots, but, the Dems play bipartisanship one way – their way.

I don’t understand why we continue to fail to learn that. Maybe a few years in the wilderness will drive that message home