Lindsay Graham - Are you really John McCain's Friend

Lindsay Graham tried to blame his lack of sleep on his awful performance on McCain’s behalf today on FNS.

Against the biggest loser in American history (John Effing Kerry) he was awful and couldn’t defend McCain, Palin, or himself. At one point, Chris Wallace nearly had to take on Kerry alone, after he bloviated and lied unchecked by Graham.

I am tired of the Democrats trying to make Barack Obama seem the savior in the financial bailout negotiations. During the “disastrous” White House meeting last week, the Dems allowed Barack Obama to seem the lead negotiator for Democrats, basically by having him parrot a whole bunch of their talking points and positions as previously crafted by Dodd, Frank, et.al.

Meanwhile, McCain rightly realized that House Republicans were the key to these negotiations, and that without them to provide political cover to the Democrats (who, let’s face it, could have passed a bailout without any GOP support)nothing was going to happen, since the D’s were spineless and unwilling to see a deal that was solely a Dem/Paulson plan go forward, without, apparently, about 100 votes from House Republicans.

So, those House Republicans were/are key to getting a deal. McCain recognized this, and his plan and goal was to get that constituency heard, and enough of their concerns addressed to get them on board.

While John Effing Kerry and the Dems are trying to laud the Chosen One’s contribution to this as some great act of statesmanship and leadership (he read the talking points), Graham is ineffectively characterizing McCain’s part in this, which was to ensure the House GOP was involved in negotiations, that their principles were considered and crafted into the legislation, and that Dem goodies being passed out to radical, Obama-supported groups like ACORN were removed.

What we need to have our guys say about this is that “Leadership isn’t about how much you talk. Obama is a great speaker. He’s a great speaker who doesn’t actually say anything. Leadership also means listening, and understanding who needs to be part of a solution, and get them on board. This is a classic case of leading by doing less, and John McCain did that, and THAT has led to this deal.”

That’s my take.