When we lost 2008

If you would, please participate with me in a little mental exercise. Try and pinpoint the exact moment the Republicans lost the 2008 elections. When you think about it, anyone who follows politics, can site multiple examples of election cycle blunders and outside influences that contributed to our sizable defeat, but when did we really lose?

The markets tanking is first example often stated and the premise that it set the stage making it impossible for our side to win. Others site the unpopularity of President Bush and his polarizing personality. You might even make the argument that it was when Obama decided to forego public funding and went on to spend over half a billion dollars, from private donations, during the campaign. Some might think it was when the Mainstream Media unabashedly decided who they wanted to be the next President and relentlessly promoted him without doing their jobs and researching him. Maybe it was when Obama made his national debut at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. You could even reach all the way back to 2000, when President Bush was first elected and the Bush derangement syndrome was born.

All of these points are valid and some have more weight than others, but they are singular parts of the defeat not the reasons for the defeat. The reason we were soundly beaten is simple, when there is not a distinguishable difference between the Republican positions and the Democrats positions, the people will choose the Democrats every time, they have held their liberal positions longer.

I would not dream of diminishing the accomplishments of President Elect Obama, they are monumental and historical by nature and he is to be congratulated for them, but to move forward you have to look backward.

Over the course of the last decade, our elected officials forgot where they came from and forgot the reason we sent them to Washington in the first place. We became the party of big government. We became the party of entitlements. We became the party of ear marks and excess spending. In short, we became liberals. The day we became liberals is the day we lost this election.

As individuals we are as responsible if not more responsible than those we sent to Washington. We did not hold them to account for their actions. We kept sending them back even though they were not representing us the way we expect and deserve to be represented. We were silent when they did things that went against everything we believe in. We let individuals out of touch with our conservative beliefs decide what was best for our party. We let individual responsibility lapse and sat back letting talk radio and conservative blogs carry the weight of our fight. The silent majority remained silent; we can not afford to be silent any longer.

Now for the good news, the solution is not as complicated as you might think. Conservative values win every time. President Reagan faced the same media, almost thirty years ago, and he won, why? Conservative principals. Newt and company faced the same challenges in 1994 and won, why? Conservative principals. How many times does history have to repeat itself before we will believe it?

To defeat liberals our elected officials must not act like liberals. They must refuse to appease them, they must stand their ground on conservative principals and we will win. You do not bend your core beliefs in the spirit of cooperation; when that happens you are giving away what you believe in for the spirit of bipartisanship and in turn you get liberal policies. How many conservative policies have been implemented when we reach across the isle? None. The only way conservatives win is to be conservative.

One of my core beliefs is individual responsibility and to state it simply, I let this happen by not doing enough. As a group, we let this happen by not doing enough. We have to take that responsibility because we sat on the sidelines and watched as our country was moved away from the country we know and love. We let moderates and independents decide what direction the conservative movement would go. We can not allow this to happen any longer. It is not enough to say you are a conservative; you have to be a conservative.

The picture of what we face could not be clearer. If we do not stand up and let our voices be heard the America we love could be changed forever. I don’t want to live in France. If I did I would move across the pond. I am proud to be an American and believe that there is a reason we are the greatest country in the history of civilization. When our country moves down a path that is in direct opposition to our founding, we have the power to correct it.

President Elect Obama was right on one point during his victory speech the other night, there is a long road ahead, but if we start fighting and bring our conservative values back to the forefront we can change the world for the better. As history has shown us, when conservative leaders emerge the country will follow. They will follow, not because they are mesmerized or forced to, but because they to believe in American greatness and will see the path to a better world is to follow the path the conservative movement will lead them.