With the end of Paterson’s stint as governor, what is to come of SEIU's plans for New York?

In his budget, Paterson proposed a number of new taxes, the closure of facilities and other measures to suit a political agenda. With the end of his tenure well within sight, what is to come of these initiatives and the outside agencies that support them?

It is hard to believe that the Service Employee International Union (SEIU) 1199 will simply allow the two million dollars investment in the soda tax simply fall to the wayside. We know whom the SEIU had in their pocket. And how that black-handed, double-dealing agent worked out for them.

So who will be the new face of the SEIU’s regressive policy for New York? What politician would be willing to back a union in their money grab from hardworking middle and lower classes of New York?

SEIU should take care of involving itself in politics. Back in 2003, the SEIU chastised AFL-CIO for being overly involved elections. Now in 2010, it is hypocritical that they should be involved in a campaign to burden New Yorkers with a new tax. The SEIU is backing a tax on the middle and lower class, the very same janitors, elevator operators and window washers who formed the union back in 1921.