Felony Arrest Haunts GOP Candidate Peter Vivaldi

The new American electorate’s political vetting process for those seeking public office, whether its asking for votes, donations, or in most cases, both, has as much to do with moral character, personal fiscal responsibility, as it does with where the candidates stand on issues.

Americans demand that their elected officials and those seeking office,  be held accountable, and be fully transparent and forthright with them, before they decide if  the candidate is viable,and most important, electable.

Before Peter Vivaldi, who recently  sought and received the support of the former Progressive Democrat Governor, Carlos Romero Barcelo of Puerto Rico, decided to run for the U.S. Congress in Florida’s 9th Congressional District, the unemployed consultant ran for the Orange County Commission District 3 in 2012, and for the Orange County School Board in 2010, both elections resulting in enormous vote disparity loses.

But while most career politicians, or those aspiring to get into the political game would know when to call it quits, Mr. Vivaldi seems to believe that he is destined to hold some political office. Peter Vivaldi has a felony arrest  in his past.  According to the Orlando Police Department, on September 8, 1989, 28-year-old, Peter Vivaldi was stopped by police for driving with an expired tag, and was arrested on an open felony warrant (CR89-2967) for “obtaining property by worthless check.”

Documents can be obtained at the Orange County Sheriffs's Office-Records Division


Vivald’s mugshot and arrest documents have been archived and are not available online, but were are available upon request.

According to Orange County Court documents, Vivaldi pled guilty and the court sentenced him to 1 year probation. Documents can be obtained at the Orange County Sheriffs’s Office-Records Division

Is Peter Vivaldi a viable and electable candidate?

Aside from the felony arrest for writing bad check(s), Vivaldi has a slew of other questionable blemishes on his public record. The most recent blemish is a pending foreclosure on his Windemere residence, for which he was served with court documents less than two months before he formally announced he was running for Congress.

In mid-September of 2013, Vivaldi received a Motion of Final Judgment  in the case. In addition, over the years, Vivaldi has managed to rack up some more ‘blemishes,’ which include several foreclosure, Breach of Contract, and eviction filings against him.

”Peter is a true fiscal conservative, a strong leader, and cares about our community. He will make a difference in Washington and fight for the values we hold dear. He brings strong moral and ethical values to Congress and is the type of leader we need representing Florida’s 9th congressional district.”-Marco Pena, former UCF graduate  Is Peter Vivaldi a viable and electable candidate?

Say what?! This guy has more and ethical values?

Here is the list of Vivaldi ‘blemishes’ that can be found on the Orange County Clerk of Courts website here“

1984-CC-000845-O CC – Eviction Closed –SRS

1986-CC-002677-O  CC – Other Closed – SRS

1989-CF-002967-A-O0 3/28/1989 Criminal Felony Closed WORTHLESS CHECK MAKE UTTER ISSUE

1994-CC-000089-O CC – Breach of Contract Closed – SRS

1995-CC-002574-O CC – Eviction Closed – SRS 1

995-SC-001746-O SC – Goods Sold/Indebtedness up to $100 Closed – SRS

1999-CA-004016-OCA – Mortgage Foreclosure (filed prior to 6/1/2009) Closed – SRS

2000-CA-000847-O CA – Mortgage Foreclosure (filed prior to 6/1/2009) Closed – SRS

2000-CA-007530-O CA – Mortgage Foreclosure (filed prior to 6/1/2009) Re-Closed

2001-CC-011288-O CC – Breach of Contract Re-Closed

2002-CC-009696-O CC – Eviction Closed – SRS

2002-CC-012739-O CC – Eviction Closed – SRS

2005-DR-002345-O Dissolution of Marriage with Children Reopened Modification

2005-TR-045412-A-O Civil Traffic Infraction Closed TR- FAILURE TO PAY TOLL

2006-TR-165012-A-O Civil Traffic Infraction Closed TR- FAILURE TO PAY TOLL

2006-TR-176265-A-O Civil Traffic Infraction Closed TR- FAILURE TO PAY TOLL

2006-TR-181213-A-O Civil Traffic Infraction Closed TR- FAILURE TO PAY TOLL

2006-TR-181216-A-O Civil Traffic Infraction Closed TR- FAILURE TO PAY TOLL

2009-TR-050505-A-W Civil Traffic Infraction Pending TR- UNLAWFUL SPEED

2013-CC-004548-O CC – Foreclosure Pending

While many Americans have been through life’s little ups and downs, most Americans do not run for elected office when there are so many questionable dings on their record. If Vivaldi, who is in Republican primary race against Carol Platt and Jorge Bonilla, manages to face off against liberal Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson in the general election, is there any doubt that Grayson will not use any of this against him, and firmly affix Vivaldi’s checkered past around the entire Republican Party?

Can you see this TV commercial?

“GOP’s Peter Vivaldi-Felony Arrest for Passing Bad Checks. Would you trust him with your hard-earned tax dollars?”

Again, Americans will have to decide for themselves if candidates like Vivaldi, who are asking for their hard-earned donations, and moral support, best represent who they are, and want they stand for.