Ozzie deFaria Assaults Wife, Leaves Her Bruised

The unfortunate and long pattern of violence of congressional candidate Ozzie deFaria continues to develop as his challenged campaign  implodes, and new information regarding his dicey past continues to come to the surface. We have well-documented deFaria’s 2006 Repeat Violence and Battery arrest that stemmed from a string of 2005 domestic violence incidents.(See-Arrested)

In the sworn affidavit signed by the victim, Mr. Charles Seibold III, Seibold describes how deFaria grabbed his then girlfriend’s arm, Elaine deFaria, Ozzie deFaria’s then wife.

 The Respondent grabbed my girlfriend by the arm and pushed her aside…Police arrived and took pictures of my girlfriends arm-Charles Seibold III (Sworn Affidavit)

Ozzie deFaria was not arrested for striking her, but he was arrested for striking Mr. Seibold, violating an injunction granted against him for striking and, according to Seibold.

Now the Shark Tank has come across the actual Broward Sheriff’s Office Arrest form that Elaine deFaria filed, charging deFaria with (1) count of  Domestic Battery.

The Sheriff’s report states that Ozzie deFaria “intentionally and without permission, grab the victim by her arms and force his way into the victim’s residence.” The report concluded by stating that both Mrs. deFaria and Seibold gave tape-recorded statements and police then took “pictures of a bruise left on the inner left bicep of the victim.” (Mrs. deFaria) Elaine deFaria stated to the Sheriff that the bruise was left by Ozzie deFaria, as a result of him grabbing her.

 I have never, ever, shown any violence towards any woman, and I’ll stand by that til my grave-Ozzie deFaria, July 18, 2012


deFaria has been relentless in his unsubstantiated attacks towards his Republican primary opponent Karen Harrington, and  is trying to convince voters that he is the most electable candidate. Voters are scoffing at the fact that deFaria is hiding his domestic violence past, and believe that he does not represent their true values.

Ask yourselves, is deFaria a viable  Republican candidate for Congress ? We all know what Senator Marco Rubio thinks about him, absolutely nothing.

Here is deFaria stating that he has never “shown any violence towards a woman”-

Watch the video here