Karen Harrington Wins Conservative Republican POLL to Unseat Debbie Wasserman Schultz

The 48 hour poll conducted on Thursday October 27 started at  12pm to try to  gauge the name recognition between the Republican congressional candidates vying to  win the Republican nomination to unseat DNC Chairwoman/Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, closed on Saturday with a staggering and decisive win for grassroots favorite Karen Harrington. The sample of  targeted Conservative Republicans that voted in the poll was 541. Of those 541 votes, Harrington garnered 65%(352 votes) while businessman Osvaldo ‘Ozzie’ deFaria came in second with 14% of the vote.

This overwhelming name recognition for Harrington can be attributed to the fact that she ran against Wasserman Schultz in 2010, and has benefited from her previous run for office, and her highly popular ‘Fire Debbie’ campaign that was launched over the summer.

Perhaps what is most interesting about the results of the poll is that deFaria, a reletive unknown quantity in politics, was able to garner more vote than Joe Kaufman, a life-long politico and activist who finished last.

POLL results: Go to the POLL

Karen Harrington 65.25%  (353 votes)

Ozzie deFaria 14.6%  (79 votes)