Joe Kaufman Opposed Marco Rubio, Questionable Associations

By Javier Manjarres
Unfortunately, politics sometimes brings out the worst in people, as their competitive edge seems to get the most of them when promoting their candidate or campaign in a contested primary race. The 2012 Republican primary race to unseat Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is starting to take on a character similar to that of the bitter 2010 GOP primary race that brought out the vile and reprehensible behavior of the Robert Lowry for Congress campaign.

The gaggle that ran the Lowry campaign along with a few of its followers have now glommed on to the Joe Kaufman for Congress campaign, and they have now begun their personal and cowardly ‘anonymous’ attacks against both newcomer to the race Ozzie deFaria, and grassroots favorite Karen Harrington- not to mention her supporters. Read more about Robert Lowry

An anonymous source put out a press release which brought deFaria’s past and personal issues to light, and that same source accused Harrington of being a supporter of Islamic Fundamentalism- simply ridiculous.

At a meeting I previously had with Joe Kaufman(pictured in red) where he asked for my support, I personally forewarned Joe Kaufman not to associate himself with the likes of Lowry, Florine Goldfarb (who is well known for personally spreading false rumors) and others who traffic in libelous accusations and misrepresentations of character because it would affect his campaign- unfortunately, he didn’t listen. I, like several other individuals have witnessed Kaufman personally delve into misleading and false accusations, conduct which does not inspire confidence in your leadership abilities.

Do we now have to question Joe Kaufman’s judgement in associating himself with these types of people, or has the writing been on the wall for some time now?

During the 2010 Republican U.S. Senate race that was ultimately won by now Senator Marco Rubio won, Joe Kaufman was part of the Bob Smith(pictured in blue) for U.S. Senate team.  Yes, this is the same Bob Smith who made a full-throated endorsement of Sen. John Kerry over President George W. Bush in 2004.  While helping to lead Bob Smith’s Senate campaign, many in South Florida speculated if Joe Kaufman was involved in the reprehensible racial slurs and attacks that came out of Team Smith that were directed at Senator Rubio.

While I don’t believe Kaufman was directly responsible for some of these nasty attacks, this is where ‘guilt by association’ plays a part in politics, and we will never know if Kaufman personally initiated the attacks or if he merely privately agreed with the attacks by the campaign and its surrogates which were indefensible.

Fast forward now a year, and Joe Kaufman is running for Congress. Joe Kaufman is now aligned with Broward GOP Chairman Richard DeNapoli from the Charlie Crist Republican wing of Republican Party.  DeNapoli has told Kaufman and supporters that he would do “everything to help” Joe Kaufman’s campaign- so much for the Party leadership remaining “neutral” in contested primaries.

This is the same Richard DeNapoli that recently authorized the filing of a false Police incident report, and is currently under investigation by the state party for ‘ineffectual’ and questionable leadership.

So again, does Joe Kaufman’s judgement in associating himself with questionable individuals speak to his credibility of being a candidate for Congress? Will Kaufman condemn the recent personal attacks and lies spread about his competitors in his race?

What to expect:

After this story posts, expect the same anonymous and futile Kaufman-friendly blogs to try and run cover for him and attack yours truly. Keep an eye out for Redbroward, Florida Conservative News (phony site), ConservativeDiva (equated Marco Rubio to Obama), Broward Republicans, and a few more ;)

Also, Joe Kaufman will try to do a little damage control by posting a picture(s) of him and Senator Rubio posing together, and state that he supported Rubio 100%-lame.

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