Unite against Hillary: This election is bigger than the names on the ballot


It’s time to put petty differences aside and focus on the big picture here.  You might not love Trump but a Hillary presidency would mean we have no morals left as a country and her election would affect the country for the next 5 decades.  It would mean 2-4 Supreme Court picks for her to wipe out the 2nd amendment and perhaps make Voter ID laws unconstitutional.  There is no recovery from that.  It would not matter if you had the perfect candidate after that for 2020 or 2024, the damage would be done.

Not to mention how deplorable Hillary really is.  Lets face it she is a dishonest, KKK sympathizing, owned by foreign governments, big banks and global firms candidate under FBI Investigation? Really ?!  Are we going to sit back and let her get elected over petty differences?  Her election would also mean a continuation of the for profit prison system with mass incarceration and a continuation of broken homes. It would mean massive muslim immigration with a 500% increase in the number of Syrian refugees. It would mean a continuation of globalism leading to more American job losses and printing more money we don’t have and the continued devaluation of the currency in your pocket. It would mean higher electric bills due to a refusal to become energy independent and a war on coal and fossil fuels.

So please, whether you are black, white, hispanic, asian, straight, bisexual, gay, transgender, christian, jewish, hindu, heretic or buddhist the one thing that unites us is we are all freedom loving Americans. WE must NOT fall victim to globalism and we must NOT capitulate to radical Islamic Jihadists bent on destroying our freedom and ways of life.   Whether you supported Cruz, Carson, Paul, Kasich, Rubio, etc. in the primaries for the sake of Western Civilization Unite against Hillary!

#Trump2016! #NeverHillary #Americans4Trump