Left Wing Media wants us against each other instead of against Radical Islam


Ok I cannot sit silent on this anymore. While I do not think Orlando was 100% a “false flag”, I do believe the new media narrative is clearly being manufactured. I believe the shooting happened as originally reported. There is 9-11 footage & original eyewitness accounts to prove the shooter was inspired by radical Islam as he pledged his loyalty to ISIS and shouted “Allahu Akbar” (“God is Great” in Arabic) as he began shooting. The crime was a hate crime/terrorist act against gays. He was angered by homosexuality as it is punishable by death according to Islamic beliefs. As we speak, the Obama administration has instructed the 9-11 calls to “scrub” the shooter’s references to Islam. Why? Because that is not what they want the public to blame. Also, the shooter (Omar Mateen) was on an FBI watch list for years due to his radical islamic beliefs, however the Obama admin instructed the FBI NOT to profile suspects over Islamic beliefs, this is why he was never brought in. This despite many reports from co-workers that we was an Islamic radical and he was ALSO A RACIST AGAINST BLACKS. Why is that important? Because now supposedly the new media narrative which includes a CNN reporter as one of the supposed “eye witnesses” is saying that Mateen “wanted to spare black people because they have suffered enough”. In other words he only wanted to kill non blacks. Other reports are now saying all of a sudden that Mateen himself was bisexual. This is to have us believe that somehow he was not anti gay or was perhaps a self hater? Why? Very simple. ANYTHING to discredit that this attack had to do with being anti gay or being a crime inspired by radical Islam. The media does not want black people to be upset with Radical Islam. The media does not want gay people to be upset with Radical Islam. Why?  Because those are 2 voting blocs very important to the Democratic Party.  They want to make it about “America’s chickens have come home to roost and white people had it coming.” Or “It’s those crazy right winger christian gun lovers fault”.  That’s a much more favorable narrative for them.  Ok, let’s ask then….did the 9/11 criminals who flew a plane into the Twin Towers want to spare black people? Did the Boston Bombers want to spare black people? Does the Muslim terror group Boko Haram in Africa who routinely kills and enslaves BLACK CHRISTIANS want to spare black people?   Did the 9-11 criminals use a gun?  Did the Boston Bombers use a gun? Were they right wing?  Were they christian?  Where they white?  Here’s a clue….This war is about RADICAL ISLAM versus NON MUSLIMS. And for the ignorant hateful and racist people saying “white people have it coming for what they did to blacks during slavery” here’s another clue….NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE DESCENDANTS OF SLAVE OWNERS. I’m Polish-American, we never owned slaves. Why the hell should I pay the price for what the English, Dutch and African Slave Traders did? And to those who rag on the USA all day long, don’t you realize slavery STILL EXISTS in the muslim world! The muslims you apologize for enslave blacks TO THIS DAY! Slavery was abolished in the United States in 1863.  It still exists in 2016 in Islamic Countries.  WAKE UP AMERICA! This an attack on ALL AMERICANS JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHER ATTACKS WERE!!!