Michael Steele:It's all about me!!!

I’d like to start by saying I don’t dislike Steele. I have the utmost respect for the campaign he ran in 2006 and would love to someday see him win a state wide race in Maryland (even though that is now unlikely given his foray into national politics).

But these kind of statements vindicate his critics who claim he is a self- serving egomaniac.

“Whether he steps down today or I retire him in November , either way, he will not be the leader in 2011,” said Steele on NBC’s "Meet the Press."

C’mon! What in the heck would he have to do with a Reid defeat besides the allocation of some funds to the eventual Republican Candidate? None of us RedStaters are dumb,  we all know the answer. NOTHING!

The winning candidate and Reid himself (more then his eventual opponent) will be responsible for his ultimate demise. Not Michael Steele.

This statement more then anything he has done or said has ushered in the feeling that Steele is the wrong type of personality to be a Party Chair. He shows himself to be self absorbed and out for himself, not the Republican Party.

Hes not a bad guy and I hope god blesses him with health and prosperity, but I stand corrected on my previous stance that he was a decent choice for RNC Chair.