David Axelrod is a shameless liar: Claims Owens won running on Obama agenda!!!

Kos touted this quote from David Axelrod on the front page his hate-site:

I think as the Blue Dogs welcome their new colleague Congressman Owens and remind themselves that he’s the first Democrat to hold that seat in 140 years, since Ulysses S. Grant, and that he campaigned on the Obama program, they’ll have to say, ‘You know what, we’re onto something here if we stick with the program…

Unbelievable, I guess Obama has abandoned the Public Option, the Air Tax and now opposes his own stimulus package. From here on out, I guess we should consider the President a Blue Dog.

I really amazes me just how easy it is for this White House to distort obvious fact and flat-out lie to the American people who have entrusted them with the sacred Presidency of this great nation. In Axelrod’s eyes running against Obamacare and the stimulus while intentionally running to the right of the Republican nominee is running on the Obama program.

The reality – for those of us who don’t pride ourselves on being deceptive pathological liars- is that the only Democrat that won Tuesday was the only one that was not lockstep in line with the the Obama agenda.  Corzine and Thompson ran as if they had a Bat-Phone that ran directly to the Oval Office. While Deeds ran farther and farther left and kept falling farther and farther behind McDonnell. The more in line Deeds became with the Obama way the more points he ceded.

This kinda stuff really burns me up.