Obama losing grip on Iowa, but can we trust the meida to report it truthfully?

In today’s New York Times, Jeff Zeleny reported on the erosion of support for the President and his agenda in the Hawkeye State.

Iowa was a state President Bush won in 2004 by a narrow margin (approx. 10,000 votes). In 2008 President Obama won by almost ten percentage points( approx 140,000 votes) .

In his work, Mr. Zeleny  talks to many independent and alleged former Republicans who express the reality now faced by many  Obama supporters. That they were decieved into trusting a long ago radicalized community organizer as their President.

This is a reality has been known to the RedState Community since Obama announced his candidacy. The determination of this White House to socialize our health care system, tax the very air we breathe, destroy private enterprise not sympathetic to the Democrat agenda and the destruction  personal wealth- has allowed a much larger swath of Americans to accept this reality as well.

As Mr. Zeleny reports, Iowa, a state many thought Obama had turned permantley blue, now expresses a large level of concern for the direction of our nation under the leadership of this President.

Throughout his writing he cites an interview with a 76 year old former Republican activist who switched parties because she was bemused with the charm and new style of politics that Mr. Obama  promised.  She even opened her home to a couple of activist liberal college students to help elect this compelling community organizer from Chicago, Illinois by way of Hawaii and Kenya get elected President of the United States.

Predictably after she expressed her frustration with the administration the reporter for the esteemed and always forthright Times cited the following supporters whom are still lockstep in support of the President and his fascist agenda:

Yet a laid-off factory worker who returned to school for a degree said Mr. Obama’s support for a new economy had changed his thinking. A public relations executive who changed parties to support Mr. Obama says he saved the nation from fiscal collapse. And a nurse who believes Mr. Obama could be a transformative president, because of health care and other issues, worries that the vitriol could endanger his life.

Notice that these alleged supporters of the President have not revealed their identities. I think we all know why. In a state where 829,940 people voted for the President, this “reporter” couldn’t find 3 or 4 Obama supporters who could give him attributable evidence that they voted for and continue to support the most  radical elements of the Presidents agenda.

I wonder why?