Gov. Jindal Calls Obama's National Security Strategy 'Dumb' and 'Dangerous'

Bobby Jindal wasted no time assessing this administration’s approach to fighting terrorism, mocking Obama’s strategy as a “treatise on social justice.” In part two of his exclusive interview with HUMAN EVENTS, the Louisiana Governor argued that Obama’s inability to talk honestly about radical Islam stems from the President’s erroneous perception of why the threat even exists.

“We just need to give these poor people more money and there will be more opportunities, less violence, less terrorism,” Jindal said of the White House’s way of tackling global Jihad.

It’s a reference to an op-ed Obama penned eight days after September 11 for Chicago’s Hyde Park Herald, where he argued that Americans needed to demonstrate “empathy on the part of the attackers.”


“The current therapeutic approach to national security is dangerous,” Jindal writes in his new book, Leadership And Crisis, which is currently # 1 on Amazon’s “Leadership and Politics” section. “I’m just not interested in empathizing with the grievances of our sworn enemies. Let’s figure out where they’re vulnerable and destroy them.”

Jindal tells HUMAN EVENTS that President Obama’s decision to read Miranda rights and hold civilian trials for foreign terrorist suspects is not only misguided, but dangerous. “We’ve been lucky with…the Time Square bomb, the underwear bomber. Being lucky is not a strategy. The reality is we’ve been playing defense instead of playing offense.”

To Jindal, “playing offense” would entail profiling those Islamists most likely to hijack an airliner or make a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in, say Portland, go Kaboom.

“Why in the world do we have TSA examiners who are groping 6-year-old children flying home to see grandma for the holidays? Why in the world are we acting like we don’t have intelligence assets and common sense? Not using our intelligence and not using our common sense, that’s called dumb. This is a dumb strategy that we’re pursuing.”

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