Ohio Union Lies, Half-truths, and RACISM!

We Are Ohio, a union front funded primarily from D.C., hates government union reform. The group takes offense at any suggestion public employees should answer to the public, and attacks taxpayers who dare question Ohio’s broken status quo.

Since “union bosses oppose union reform” isn’t the most effective slogan, We Are Ohio’s campaign does some real acrobatics to smear the sensible policies in Senate Bill 5. Rather than highlight the specific awful things in what they claim is an awful bill, union talking points are heavy on emotion… and light on honesty.

PolitiFact has rated not one, but two We Are Ohio TV ads “mostly false,” but that’s not the low point! Union bosses play the race card in a recent radio ad, likening support of Issue 2 to support for Jim Crow laws. We Are Ohio slanders anyone who asks government to live within its means, so I made this video to help fellow bigots cope:

Your Yes vote on Issue 2 will help Ohio taxpayers by limiting the power of government union bosses. It’s obvious where We Are Ohio’s priorities lie… what about you?

Vote Yes on Issue 2!