Ohio Union Video: Class Warfare 101

If you had to pick one theme from the smear campaign against union reform in Ohio, class warfare would be the obvious choice. Dishonest union talking points about a GOP “attack on workers” are nothing new, and have been the cornerstone of every marketing piece from union front group We Are Ohio. Corporations – not excessive spending, bureaucratic favoritism, or capricious regulation – are blamed because corporations have too much money.

Don’t take my word for it!

Disregard the fact that private companies employ far more Ohioans than do state & local governments. Never mind that Big Business (cue scary music) is marked by far less monopoly and waste than big government. Union bosses expect voters to oppose Senate Bill 5 because union bosses said so… the merits of the bill or the tax hikes necessary in its absence are irrelevant! Also irrelevant: unions strike it rich by taking money from government workers’ paychecks.

We Are Ohio hates Senate Bill 5 for the reasons you might expect – the bill limits union power to squeeze taxpayers, ends antiquated tenure-only raise and layoff policies, and enables elected leaders to treat workers as individuals. Is it any wonder government unions fight angrily against empowering the workers they prefer to use as Solidarity Theater props?

Ohioans, get the facts, and Vote Yes on Issue 2!

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