Why Obama will be a One Term president: The People of NO

The Country in perspective- the bigger picture
[source:Last 2 months @ https://twitter.com/RasmussenPoll ]

There is a clear formula here for the GOP … but a definite message also for the GOP- Pay attention.
72% of GOP Voters Say Republicans In Congress Out of Touch With Their Base


63% say decision to build Mosque insensitive
49% of U.S. voters say pro-Palestinian activists to blame in Gaza ship incident
54% Still Oppose Closing of Guantanamo

40% of homeowning voters say home is worth less than mortgage…
14% of homeowners expect to miss a mortgage payment in next six months
58% oppose partial mortgage forgiveness plan for those whose home is worth less than mortgage

48% say Obama’s views are extreme
61% expect partisanship to increase over coming year in DC…
65% say country better off if most in congress are defeated this November…
28% say U.S. heading in Right Direction

68% agree that “Governments derive their only just powers from the consent of the governed.”…
57% See Greater Danger In A Government With Too Much Power
48% See Government Today As A Threat to Individual Rights…
88% agree we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights–life, liberty & pursuit of happiness
48% Say Most Reporters Trying to Help Obama Pass His Agenda
66% of Voters Are Angry At The Media
85% say freedom of the press more important than helping newspaper industry
74% Oppose Taxing Internet News Sources to help save newspapers…
41% oppose Kagan’s confirmation to Supreme Court…
53% Still Think Auto Bailout Was A Bad Idea
55% oppose tax credit for electric cars
67% of Political Class Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction, 84% of Mainstream Disagrees
50% rate Obama’s handling of the economy as poor…
56% say government spending will hurt economy
55% rate economy as poor
65% Are Worried The Government Will Run Out of Money
For financial system, 49% prefer more competition/less regulation
68% of small business owners not confident that official Washington can meet their needs
75% prefer free markets over govt managed economy… Political Class disagrees
51% of investors say their own finances are getting worse
49% say personal finances getting worse
35% believe their mortgage is worth more than their home
80% favor auditing the Federal Reserve…
75% blame state budget problems on unwillingness of politicians to cut spending
65% say decisions by business leaders will create more jobs than govt officials…
58% believe tax hikes hurt the economy
54% favor extension of Bush tax cuts
67% Say Cities Have No Right To Ban Handguns
69% agree with Supreme Court ruling on hand gun ownership
64% say fed govt primarily to blame for controversy over Arizona immigration law
65% of AZ voters favor the state’s immigration law… 69% want more U.S. troops to patrol border
60% in Montana Disagree with Legal Challenge of Arizona Law
54% in Illinois Favor Justice Department Action Against Sanctuary Cities
59% Support Arizona Law; 53% Trust States More than Feds To Enforce Immigration Law
68% Favor US-Mexican Border Fence, Highest Yet
56% oppose Justice Dept lawsuit against AZ immigration law
70% support crackdown on those who hire illegal immigrants… 50% support sanctions against landlords…
58% say no to citizenship for children of illegal immigrants…
67% say military should be used on border to stop illegal immigration…
Among insured, 80% rate coverage as good… 44% say it’s likely new HC law will force them to change
62% say HC law will increase deficit, 58% say it will raise cost of care, 51% say hurt quality of care…
56% favor repeal of health care law – 57% Say Health Care Plan Bad For the Country, 59% Favor Repeal
61% think health care law will raise cost of care
53% in Florida Oppose Health Insurance Requirement in New Health Law

67% Say Better Government Inspections of Oil Rigs Might Have Prevented Leak
46% Rate Obama’s Response To Gulf Leak As Poor… 71% Say Government Response To Oil Leak Important To Their Vote…
64% favor offshore drilling, 55% favor deep water drilling
65% say finding new sources of energy more important than conserving energy
76% in Mississippi support Offshore Oil Drilling
52% Not Willing To Pay More For Clean Energy
Govt ethics/corruption Very Important for 72%,
59% embarrassed by Political Class
65% of Voters Are Angry At Federal Government’s Policies
68% say Political Class doesn’t care what most Americans think
59% say Obama governing as partisan Democrat.
57% in PA Say Most Members In Congress Are For Sale…
56% say it’s likely their own rep in Congress has traded votes for cash
70% believe most in Congress trade votes for cash
Just 27% believe their own rep in Congress is best person for the job
51% say elections rigged to benefit incumbents… …
60% In Colorado Say Most Members of Congress are Willing to Sell Their Vote
82% say voters should be required to show photo ID
62% say better for country if most incumbents lose…
86% want limits on federal government… Most in Political Class disagree and say gov’t can do most anything
62% Say Constitution Should Be Left Alone…
Some say Obama seems to be disconnected from Americans –

IMO, he was never connected at all…
He has not only divided American people beyond political party but has shunned our friends and hugged unfriendlies.
He’ll bow to Kings and offer to sit down for tea with Ahmadinejad but Netanyahu gets a drive thru menu and England gets Churchill sent back in a box.
He takes literature from Hugo Chaves but won’t except an envelope from Texas Governor Rick Perry.

While the Dalai Lama is shown the back door the Taliban is shown the exit plans.

Obama apologizes to the world for America – and he now tells the UN that the US discriminates against it’s citizens.
As he relinquishes our sovereign individualism to UN and foreign governments approvals and collective condemnations he has his own discriminatory Justice Department sue a state of our own Union.

The community agitator, Obama, has never been a Uniter.

I think Obama has already decided he will be a One termer and can simply ignore what ever America, with all it’s flaws, wants or needs.

The Sunstein Nudging has been over for quite some time.
If you can not be bribed you will be sued.
Obama instructed – if your neighbors won’t Submit to change then get in their face.
If your friends or neighbors complain or disagree report them to our fishy government website.
If you know someone who redistributes what the Obama CHANGE really means  than attack, polarize and freeze them as E Pluribus Unum ‘extremists’.

It is obvious Obama does not care what the polls say or what the people say or want.
And why should he?

He has all the corrupt financing already in place thanks to the Stimulus Shill to sustain the collapse and control he has set in motion.
He has infiltrated every bureau of government and installed Communists, socialists, Maoists, anti-capitalists, anti-Americans, and they in turn have installed their own radical followers.
He has gotten away with usurping his authority by bypassing Congress on numerous issues. When he can’t get what he wants he simply goes around Congress and has his agencies push his agenda ‘into law’. The EPA greenhouse gas regulations for instance.

Obama has broken laws in redistribution schemes and trampled the Constitution.
He has his agencies deciding which laws they will and will not enforce.

What he has done for unbiased redress, common sense, and standing in his Socialist Supreme Court appointments will make the 9th Circuit look conservative.

He has been instrumental in organizing the corruption of the voting process for decades.
He has gangsterized the caucus and moves to change the electoral college.
He has taught that Corporations and Capitalists are the problem and a 2200 page socialized controlled financial market coup is the answer.

He has shoved a tyrannical socialist medical system down our throats rather than having any real concern for “reforming” insurance companies practices.
I have yet, in nearly 6 decades, to receive a letter telling me to BUY our insurance, pay us a fine, or go to jail, son.
The health care Monopoly Manifesto was deliberately written to eliminate free market medicine and any possibility of your premiums lowering by taxing each industry right out of business – using the employers capitalist instincts to save in ‘costs’ this Marxist has manipulated the tiny step ‘means’ to produce his long term ‘ends’.
Thus the “you can keep your plan” is a deliberate lie when your plan can not compete with involuntary government plans.

Obama’s main transformations are nearly complete. As Pelosi has said – “If the gate is closed, we will go over the fence. If the fence is too high, we will pole vault in. If that doesn’t work, we will parachute.”
(No matter what YOU want we will shove it down your neck because we represent the “Political CLASS” and not You.)

Already knowing that they may lose power in November these progressives are reportedly engineering a Lame Duck session in December to use ousted Dems to push through the balance of the Obama regimes take over – such as ‘necessarily skyrocketing’ costs of Cap n Trade – (Have you ever wondered why it’s ‘necessary‘?)
And it’s said (before the elections hint-hint) they will slam through Immigration Amnesty before the borders are secured.
Now that is a plan that should keep a few million more from coming across in droves to qualify,eh?

Obama used 23 million taxpayer dollars  to fund a foreign nations get out the VOTE YES in Kenya’s Constitution transformation – whose constitutional change agenda was to take that country to pro-communist, pro abortion, and institute Sharia law.
This Obama funded – spread the Yes – vote won.

Obama’s fathers communist dreams are being fulfilled.

Obama and the Dodd-Franks crew have continued policies to bankrupt our country and when the people fall to their knees they will turn to the government to save them…much like Stalin and the plucked chicken  scenario…just as we beg for 2 years now for any deregulation and tax reliefs to enable businesses to be ABLE to function so we can get work – to pay for health care we still won’t be able to afford.

Obama’s individual salvation is a Marxist collective salvation who’s destructive tentacles have spread it’s mechanics and deposited radicalized minions to every branch of our Countries engine to insure such servitude, gratefulness… and success. In their view we’re plucked.

Ironic that the community organizer, who agitated poor peoples sores of discontent for power, and whose manufactured enemy was the government, is now the government  who controls, censors, and labels with ridicule any agitated peoples grievances – from a golf course.

Power is not a means, it is an end” – socialist George Orwell

In Obama’s “world as it should be” teleprompter – He’s done his job.

The problem for Obama is that we are slowly but surely winning.
Those poll numbers show that People of NO  are Not alone in disagreement with Obama policy – if not ideology.
We must begin in November to put Representatives in place who reflect those principled poll views above for real change…Remove- Replace- Repeal- Restore.

It is Washington that needs to be transformed- Not America.


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