James Murdoch Will Do Anything to Take Down Fox News – No Matter How Many of Its Millions He Has to Keep

James Murdoch Will Do Anything to Take Down Fox News – No Matter How Many of Its Millions He Has to Keep
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Although he was born into billions, James Murdoch is just like us. This month, in fact, he bought a gallon of milk. All by himself.

This and other tidbits were on display in a glowing New York Times profile of James Murdoch written by (ugh) Maureen Dowd. The reluctant heir of Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch, James is “increasingly uncomfortable” with the wealth created by his father’s hard work, dedication, and ingenuity.

Raised in luxury that would embarrass a sultan, James has stepped down from the Fox board because he disagrees with the editorial slant of a news empire that even Bernie Sanders himself praised for its fairness. And at age 47, after decades of cashing massive checks because of his last name, James is not gonna take it anymore.

James is adding himself to a long list of woke millionaires and billionaires who specialize in next-level virtue signaling, where teams of paid experts help the massively entitled get the one thing they can’t buy: validation. To the vast majority of us, we can’t fathom what it must be like to grow up in fabulous wealth and know you did nothing to earn it. Someone born with a silver kitchen set in his mouth is incapable of accomplishment.

In the interview, Dowd even pressed James that he’s never had to fill out a job application, which he refuted: he has filled out a job application. Exactly one, for such a high-profile job … that it required approval by the company’s shareholders.

The sense of inadequacy that must be crippling. The need for validation must be acute on a scale that real people can’t comprehend. Let’s hope he doesn’t look at what people are saying about him on Twitter.

If James, knee-taking millionaire athletes, and others like them were serious, they would give all their money away and become missionaries or full-time philanthropists. Someone who needs to plaster his face all over the Internet is helping only his own vanity.

Dowd and James fantasize about taking down Fox “from the inside,” and even quote Elizabeth Warren’s eyeroll-inducing label that it’s a “hate-for-profit racket!” – because Democrats and their media allies like The Times only use a word like “hate” when they want to invalidate someone they can’t beat in an argument. It would be impossible for James or any of his other woke billionaire siblings to “de-Foxify Fox,” because how could spoiled, unaccomplished trust-fund babies possibly change the most successful news outlet in human history?

But James vowed to do whatever it takes to make amends – as long as he doesn’t have to really make any sacrifices and lots of people are patting him on the back. He also seems unaware that the far-left, propagandistic nature of traditional news sources like The Times is exactly why there is such demand for Fox News – which continues to break records for breaking its own records.

It is also laughable for Dowd, among the most virulently repugnant of the faces of The New York Times, for criticizing Fox News for its “toxicity.” If toxicity is a problem in our modern discourse, then The Times’ behavior this century makes 2003 Britney Spears look like Karen Silkwood by comparison. The Times massive lapses of behavior in recent years that range from merely unethical is genuinely evil include:

  • its horrifying 1619 project
  • knowingly publishing lies about Brett Kavanaugh then issuing a “correction
  • printing actual propaganda from the Chinese Communist Party
  • lying about COVID statistics
  • advocating foreign invasion of the United States to stop Trump’s (inevitable) re-election
  • leaking classified information that endangers the lives of US servicemen and women

Granted the Old Grey Lady hasn’t eulogized any mass-murderering terrorists as “austere religious scholars,” but it is still behind so many controversies there is a dedicated Wikipedia page for them!

The impetus for The Times to shine a spotlight on James isn’t to draw attention away from its own unethical, indeed criminal behavior as a “news” outlet, but rather to highlight a prodigal son of American conservatism. Of course The Times would rather do this than acknowledge the reality of something like the #WalkAway movement – which illustrates the precariousness of the modern left’s strategy of identitarianism and tribal warfare over substance.

Trying to make James feel like a won’t help him, or Democrats in the upcoming landslide they’re about to be buried in. The Times would do better to just write about the price of a gallon of milk.


Jared Whitley is a longtime DC politico, having worked in the US Senate, the Bush White House, and the defense industry. He has an MBA from Hult International Business School in Dubai.

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