Have Faith in A Trump Victory (But Trust the Supreme Court)

The news for the President is, as always, pretty bleak. Trust the headlines, and things couldn’t get worse for his re-election chances. “Republicans are wimping out again!” on him, according to CNN. His re-election is on “shaky ground” in swing states, writes Politico. Former VP Joe Biden is up 14 points, says CNBC. Wall Street is “warming up” to Biden, NBC promises – even though they don’t like his policies.

It just couldn’t be worse for President Trump: poll after poll have Biden crushing him.

But polls nowadays are just another form of messaging. They don’t gauge the public opinion, they’re mean to shape public opinion.

As Stephen Crowder beautifully dismantled mainstream media polls in this video, the words news outlets choose in their polling shape responses (“peaceful” protests vs. riots) as do the people they choose to survey. Crowder also emphasizes the ways social desirability may shape responses to polls, as people who have been oversaturated with “You’re a racist if you support Trump!” for the last five years may be a little reticent to admit they’re going to vote for him to a media outlet who knows their name and address.

Look at more meaningful headlines and you’ll see that the future still belongs to Trump – despite everything the Democrats and their allied institutions have thrown at him and America.

The NBA, eager to become the next organization to go broke for getting woke, is suffering the lowest ratings ever. After months of rioting and looting, support for BLM dropped 12 percent by September (and is doubtless even lower now). There’s such an enthusiasm gap for Biden that Democrats/the media have had to start pushing the narrative that there isn’t an enthusiasm gap for Biden.

The most notable example is Minnesota. Democrats have been forced to run ads in Minnesota, where elected Democrats keep endorsing Trump and distancing themselves from Squad Member/media darling/Islamist Ilhan Omar. So Minnesota, the only state Reagan lost in 1984, is a battleground state.

Even Bill Mahr, who in our woke nightmare has somehow become the voice of reason, has warned his audience repeatedly that Trump is going to win re-election.

The biggest thing to worry about is not that voters in swing states will reject the President. While his unusual candidacy five years ago was the craziest thing in American politics probably ever, Democrats have gone so far off the cliff they have made him the sane choice for anyone who doesn’t want their businesses burned down and their children indoctrinated. Democrats have made Trump the thin orange line between order and chaos.

The thing to worry about is of course the Democrats dirty trick machine. Their flair for voter fraud has risen with the frequency of using the word “racist!” to describe voter ID laws – something which every other democracy on the planet has. They’ve been caught cheating in Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Michigan again. California has passed laws to make voter fraud even easier than before.

Given all this, and given that everyone now knows about it, there is no way that any contested race will survive scrutiny. Democrats have telegraphed their dishonest intentions, and everyone’s ready for it this time. And given the stakes, any election dispute will go to straight to the Supreme Court … and we can trust that the Supreme Court will represent the voice of the people even better than in years past.

The predictions markets think Republicans are going to be able to confirm the endlessly impressive Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, which will give the institution a rock-solid 6-3 conservative majority. She’s favored to get through according to the leading prediction markets – exchange-traded markets created for the purpose of trading the outcome of events besides just sports.

There’s an 93 percent chance the Senate will vote on her before Election Day, according to PredictIt, and she has a 80 percent chance of being confirmed, according to the prediction website PolyMarket, which uses blockchain-based technology to get immediate unbiased feedback on any candidate, market, or issue. Barrett’s level head and conservative judicial temperament when Democrats get caught stuffing the ballot box will make them wish all they had to deal with were hanging chads.

No matter what fake news polls the MSM dreams up, 6-3 are pretty good odds.

Jared Whitley is a longtime DC politico, having worked in the US Senate, the Bush White House, and the defense industry. He has an MBA from Hult International Business School in Dubai.