Global Farming?

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I get into a fair number of one-sided discussions about GW, AGW, Carbon Sequestration, and the “need” for renewable energy…

While I agree that renewables and and should be explored, the AGW stuff really pisses me off…

After my usual points about heat islands and correlation/causation, the conversation progresses to ‘solutions’. Theirs always involve higher taxes and reduced personal freedoms “for the common good”.

Keep in mind, these are all scientists.

What usually leaves the lefty loons people stammering speechless is this:

“If Carbon Dioxide is so evil and causing irreversible global warming, why don’t we just plant millions of trees to use all that extra CO2 up? Isn’t that a lot easier and cheaper? In fact, come to think of it, won’t that solve the unemployment problem too…?”

The academic left hasn’t come up with a decent answer yet…

We need to tackle these moonbats and their stupid, ill-conceived, freedom-squashing ideas with reason and logic, beat them down, put them on the ground, pin them, and then sit on top of them and smoke a victory cigar. Figuratively, of course.


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