Making decisions

I have been undecided on who to elect for a while. I didn’t want Hilary because she can’t seem to make a decision without the party telling her what to do. Then I was a little concerned with McCain’s age and his tax policy. Now Obama on the other hand, I knew nothing about him so I decided to research in my spare time. Information was easy to find and you can’t always believe everything you read but OMG I came across him reciting prayers from the same bible as the terrorist who caused 9/11.He just started his political career a couple of years ago and that’s makes me extremely uncomfortable. He’s part white, part black and part arabic. This makes me even more uncomfortable.

I realize he probably didn’t have anything to do with terrorist attacks and he’s probably even a good man but my dad alway quoted what he called a very smart man. He told me that smart enemies will take their time to become a part of something just to destroy it from within.

Because of this one reason, I can not justify voting for Obama. I can’t help how I feel and I am very afraid of what will happen to my beloved country if citizens elect him.